Silver Fox A paragon of Virtue?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by murgles, Jul 9, 2007.

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  1. I don't think that in my 30 odd years service to the Crown I ever came across such an exemplar of everything right as Silver Fox. Did I share brass rags with him in Indefatigable? Doesn't ring a bell. Glasgow, Indomitable, St Brides Bay, Zealous,? Must have missed him. Shame. Jamaica, Adamant? Don't recall him there . Perhaps I rubbed shoulders with him on Sheffield or was it Newcastle in Korea or was it Malaya on Black Prince?
    I've just forgotten. Silver Fox with his incredible memory will recount .. And no doubt let me know.
  2. I think he doesn't like you because you come across as a bit of a twat.

    I'm sure somebody must of mentioned it to you during those 30 years.

    At least once.
  6. Ah the irony, norma's just learnt something from a stoker........

    Get quoting norma!

    Anyway, can you let us know why you only want to talk about admirals all the time?

    I'm presuming you got turned down to be a RN officer?

    That's why you went to Africa and lost the Empire for us?
  7. SS, where do you find this stuff? Fantastic, giggling away to myself, the staff think I'm losing it!!
  8. Fukc me the internet is scary - just found "super stoker survival scenario".

    Some bastard is out to get me!

    (Takes a few seconds to load, then click on the screen)
  9. I died. Repeatedly.
  10. Shitty death, I won`t sleep to-night.
  11. Won one, those Zombies are a bastard to shoot, go for the head.
  12. How did you work that out you clever little devil. What a rascal you are and no mistake.
    I do page boy bobs and blow jobs, sorry dries and back comb. I've never done my mum as she's a bit old-fashioned but love tweaking old stokers. Let me know, you bundle of fun.
  13. Murgles, you slapper, I aint that easy.

    I know for a fact you've been sending NZB private messages (and photos).

    I could do with a wig though.
  14. You've got to the bottom of me you little minx

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