Silly things.............

This is creepy!

Think of a letter between
A and W...

Repeat it Out loud as
You scroll down...

Keep going ...
Don't stop

Think of an
That begins
With that letter...

Repeat it
Out loud
As you
Scroll down...

Think of
Either a man's/woman's
With the
Last letter
In the
Animals name...


Count out
The letters
In that name
On the fingers
Of the hand
You are not
Using to
Scroll down...

Take the
Hand you
Counted with
And hold it out
In front of you
At face level...

Look at your
Very closely

Do the lines
Take the
Form of the
First letter in the
Persons name?

Of course not.......

Now smack
Yourself in the head, get a life,
Quit playing
e-mail games!



War Hero
Hig,you K...............................................................................................................................................nt!
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