Silent Night

A very long time ago, as a very young sailor i heard a song that to this day i think about every Christmas eve, and it still brings a tear to my eye, it`s sung to the tune of "silent Night" and i can only remember the first verse, but its enough to evoke memories

H.M.S. Hood
Gone down for good
your boys lie asleep
down in the deep
they fought for your freedom
and country so proud
now they are wearing
the sea for a shroud
asleep in the heavenly deep
asleep in the heavenly deep


War Hero
Is this the one hig, apparantely also sung to the tune of "Silent Night", found it at

When H.M.S. Hood went down in the deep,
That was the news that made mothers weep;
For the sons who had fought for a country so proud
Were down there below with the sea as their shroud.
They are sleeping in heavenly peace, sleeping in heavenly peace.

Then came George V, the Prince of Wales too,
They took in hand what the Hood had to do.
The Suffolk, the Norfolk, the Cossack as well,
Along with the Rodney shelled Bismarck to hell.

They sank that ship, oh, we are glad; but for our lads we feel sad.
So mothers and wives and sweethearts, be proud;
Though your dear lads have the sea as their shroud,
They were fighting for freedom, let us never forget.
The freedom they fought for will be won yet.
They are sleeping in heavenly peace, sleeping in heavenly peace.
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