silent hunter 5

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by chrisj09, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Silent Hunter 3 was brilliant, I especially enjoyed being a Nazi U-boat commander and sinking passenger liners off the coast of the US. If you can do that again I will definitely buy it.
  2. but why are the germans speaking pure fluent english? surly they should still have a german sounding accent?

    ive got silent hunter 2 never really played it much though and also sub command, i might have to upload them again.

    would also be good if you could play a english sub.
  3. Downloaded SH3 from steam last night. Putting the GWX mod in soon

    It's easier for people to understand.
  4. It will have some way to go to beat SH3 with the GWX 3.0 mod with other addons.I shall wait till its been out for about a year untill it gets patched and the Subsim community get some mods and extras out for it.
  5. SH3 IS BRILLIANT ESPECIALLY WITH GWX3.0, it was let down by SH4 so hopefully it will get back on track
  6. Very good graphics in that video!
  7. This is the fifth part of this game, it is a simulation games and that is why i like it very much. Each release has brought forward new features to the functioning and especially the long trip where you could upgrade the submarine and its crew, and command it through several missions during the war has really impressed us.
  8. One of many complaint on Ubisofts fourms
  9. You also have to have a permanent internet connection to play the game!
  10. Yeah thats how the game saves its self its rather annoying.
  11. I love the series and have, in the past, been more forgiving of some of the technical troubles purely because the developer's and mod community post-release support has eliminated the worst problems. While I'm sure Silent Hunter 5 will be a better game in six month's time, some of the basic design problems aren't things that can be easily patched.
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Interesting, new poster and four consecutive posts about 'pooters. You wouldn't be spamming would you :wink:
  13. Yeah and at least one post was totally outdated and pointless. But then maybe they all are.

    Very odd.
  14. Lots of bugs in SH5.

    sorry for bumping old post :(
  15. Cavitation seems to be a particular problem and there doexn't seem to be any way in which you can mask it with the agouti. I'll stick to SH1(T)
    Main difficulty is finding different thermal layers to hide under. Will try out my new duvet no hot bunking for this rating:-D
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2011
  16. A what a what a what? Haha :D

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