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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by drunken_engineer, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Apologies if this has been posted before. Just wondering how you chose your signature and what it means?

    Me - my last grey funnel cruiser was the mighty steam pig herself, the Fearless. She had 2 steam plants, one fwd one aft, which were operated at 850 fahrenheit, 550 psi with a primary burner + 4 main burners. I was ballast control officer 2000-2002.
  2. Partly from a book i read at school called The Shrinking of Trehorn about a young boy who was slowly shrinking and no one really took any notice.

    Also some of my friends took up the name as an alias whenever they got into trouble. "My Name is Simeon Trehorn" was a common response to poor supply teachers.
  3. The best ship I ever had, with a built-in link to my gaming Clan (hence "click my sig" :) )

    The Latin is easy, it means "This boy is the stupidest of all" :D
  4. If he was shrinking he was probably overlooked.
  5. Mine's an actual quote from a rather frustrated student navigator on a P2000... the rest of the chart team had never been on ship before and were proving somewhat less than expert at accurate visual fixing!
  6. Mine is the oft heard question of all RM Drill Instructors, always answered with..."Yes Corporal." (Fingers crossed he don't check my locker, cause I went to the NAAFI before getting stuck into the washing, crabby individual that I am).
  7. I got mine because for some reason everyone seems to ask me who ate all the pies (normally in a semi-melodic way), don't know why, but I thought if I answered the question before it was asked then maybe, just maybe the tune will leave my head.
  8. I always wanted to form a pop group called Rod Gearing and the Indicator Boys.

    Trouble is I cant sing or play an instrument so I didnt.
  9. I am the only matelots at a unit of 50 Pongoes and 50 RAF. Cygnus Inter Anates translates litterally as 'Swan among ducks' quite apt really. As for the rest my DO once had me on a bite by writing it on my RORRS.
  10. Well if no one knows, mine came from my favorite activity in DTS. (I should qualify that by saying whilst onboard DTS I had a bit more fun ashore. Oh, San Juan!)
  11. Nnnnnnnnngh nnnnnnnnngh nnnngh ngh ngh ngh.
  12. Ambiguous genetic gender.... alias Thingy :lol:

    But also the fact that a Thing (or Ting) in the Scandinavian languages means a Parliament.
  13. I had never realised that F99 was really called HMS Lamri ;)
  14. It's signatures, not usernames... pay attention! :p
  15. Mine is an extract from Kipling's poem The Trade.
  16. :pukel: A few years ago on another forum I regularly crossed swords with a gentleman called "Cosmo" aka "Compost" who in a fit of pique informed the World that I was just "The Eternal OD". Well I liked it.

    The "Scab" and "Fifth Columnist". I was appointed to these honored positions by two friends when I recently was appointed Moderator to the Submariners Forum.

    OK here is me really


    Nutty :pukel:

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