Signal Flags.

I have just joined the forum, and this is my first posting.
I am trying to decode some signal flags on a war ship, from a photograph, but I am failing miserably.
The port outer set of 4 flags looks like, from the top, O R J H. The port inner flag looks like G.
Its not importaint, but Id like to know what they mean, I was hoping there may be someone that could help on here.
There are also two other flags on either the stb,d side or perhaps in the centre, its hard to tell from the photo, I do not know if those are relevant too???
Is it perhaps the ships callsign?
I was at the sea, but I was engine room, therefore have not got a clue about "flag waggeling."
Thanks in advance for any replys.
Thanks for the reply, I will have a go at scanning it in.
I have just joined the forum tonight, so not really looked about it much yet, how do we post pics?
I am on a couple of other forums, and usualy use photobucket, I will find out how to post the pic and put it up.
Thanks again for the reply,
IF the callsign is ORJH then it's the Belgian navy's Godetia, Pennant A960. If I remember correcly the callsign, 4 flags, would be flown on the outermost port halyard. UK beginning with G. Got to be a bunting tosser around, but when you need one...........:eye:
Yes, I found that one too after a bit of googling, but as you say Godetia is Belgian, so that threw me a bit with the G.
I will try and put the pic up, can I use photobucket do you know?
Thanks again.
I thought you could use "Insert image" in the menu, but that's only a supposition. Someone will be along more expert than I. I do think you have to post a certain number of times before posting photos or that may just be links. Have a gander at this about attatchments but you'll have to wait to find if it needs photobucket etc. ^_~

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Hello again,
Seems to have worked ok using photobucket.
The pic is of a war canoe somewhere up the Clyde that was involved with the recent Joint Warrior 12-2 ex.
When I went on them, there were known as JMC,s I beleive.
Thanks again for the help.
If flag Golf is flying, it more than likely means that the ship is "guide" as in OOW manoeuvers.
It is the Godetia and she's flying the Golf flag "I require a pilot" and the other starboard halyard, can'r make out the top flag, if any, but the other, tango, is "Keep clear".


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Port outer is international call sign, Port inner is 'Golf' indicating she is the guide for her formation.
Stbd innner is Interco Hotel - ''I have a pilot embarked' - the red/white pennant means the flag is from the International signal book vice ATP1C - otherwise she would be indicating she is operating rotary wing aircraft.
Stbd outer and main mast are not so clear but I imagine one will be a NATO flag and one might indicate the presence of the formation commander.
The blue of the flag on the Stbd outer makes flag Hotel look like Tango - which in any case is the red white blue ie the other way round.
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