Discussion in 'Blogs' started by pinkprincess, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. I took some leave and used some flexi time and today was my first day in work since Thursday afternoon. I actually started to relax on Sunday night.

    Monday and Tuesday were bliss and I was spoilt rotten, inclusive of being bought prettiness: -


    I wore both pairs today, the platforms in the office and the peep-toes for the Unit Christmas lunch.

    Unfortunately, I discovered this morning that the deadline for submitting my presentation for BITS is tomorrow. I was going to write it next week. So here I am, at home, working on my presentation. Oh well. I had arranged a lift and was looking forward to an afternoon and evening of marinading in Tia Maria and Coke before throwing a few moves on the dancefloor...

    Copied from blogs (original entry) - post comments here.
  2. You would have been better spending your time practising on the pink oboe owned by whoever is going to mark your assignment :p
  3. Do the rest of us get to see your Bits presentation..?
  4. They look like a size 12 to me love. You're really a kiln stacker in Stoke aren't you?
  5. :lol: You chaps are funny!

    As I told a manager of mine many years ago when I was still a lab rat. If I wanted to use sex to get ahead in life, I would have been Prime Minister by now. I am not interested in that kind of rubbish. I got to where I am today (as a Civilian outside of the MoD until now) by hard work and can hold my head high because of that.

    Jonno, a size 6 (ladies) but then, you chaps always gauge size poorly don't you? Claiming six inches when you just about make 6 centimetres...
  6. You're a Traffic Warden..?
  7. I love you

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