Hey guys so I thought I would write about how my sift went in hope it will help anyone curious about the interview process.

My interview was at 1000 and I made sure I gave plenty time to get there as the worst thing you can do is to be running late and be stressing. I got a drink in Starbucks beforehand and just went over a few of my notes so I could feel properly prepared for when I went in. I headed to the careers office 15 mins prior to my interview and sat in the waiting room before being called up a few minutes later.

The interview itself was a mixture or both informal and formal questions allowing me to talk around the subjects and questions. A few questions that came up:

Why do you what to join the rn?

What skills can you bring to the rn that other people don’t have? What makes you so special?

Tell me about a time where you had to be a leader?

When has being a leader gone well/wrong? Examples.
(Remember STAR method)

What’s your training pipeline? Detailed.

What happens after your training are you aware of specialisms and there specific training pipeline?

Teamwork examples?

And example of when you have shown moral courage?

Overall the interview went well and he was happy to start the process of AIB. A big thing to watch out on is confidence/self esteem, if your not naturally a confident person it comes across in the interview very clearly so try and find ways to gain confidence before the interview and way before AIB.

Hope this helps,

Message me with any questions

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