I sat for my RT on Monday morning and have today received a letter in the post informing me I have met the required standard for entry to the RFA.

Now I need to play the waiting game and see what happens with the sift and whether or not I'm selected for interview.

Does anybody happen to know when they are conducting the sift process for chef apprentice and how long after that I can expect to be sitting for interview if I successfully pass the sift stage?


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On average it takes most a year from application to starting at Raleigh. So I'd give each step 2 months and be happy if it was faster.


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Phone Recruitment, they're a friendly bunch. I know there's a course starting end of September, so the next sift could be a while away.

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Sift comes before interviews for Ratings. Chef sift will have been a few months ago and interviews already taken place for the September intake. This week and next is Stewards, I had mine on Monday.
I had my interview on Wednesday thought it went alright aswell.
They mentioned 3-4 weeks till they send the results like.
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