SIFT Interview


Hello, just had my interview for Warfare Officer last Wednesday and passed. Wanted to share some information from the experience that may help others.

1. The Officer interviewing me said that they're asking less service questions at AIB therefore he isn't going to ask me many. Service questions that I was asked were to point at a map and say where the navy is currently on operation, commissions of an officer (IC, CC, FTC), the role of a Warfare Officer and what you'd be doing when docked in a port.

2. They're asking less leadership questions at AIB as they're looking for leadership skills during the PLTs as its a disadvantage to those who haven't been given a chance to lead a team etc.

3. I thought it was going to be an exceptionally formal interview but it was very relaxed and you can have a bit of a joke with them when you get a brain fart and can't remember something.

Hope this helps those going for their interviews soon, best of luck!