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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by rn458scc, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Good Evening All!

    I finally have my Sift date!

    Has anybody got any advice, plus does anyone know the Career path for a Warfare Officer? I'm struggling to find any info on it...

    Thanks :)

  2. Quick tip is to have examples ready of times when you have demonstrated that you have leadership ability and to know as much as you can about the Royal Navy, including the Royal Marines, Fleet Air Arm and Submarines.
  3. Can you give an example of an answer for time you demonstrated leadership soleil because i think id find it it difficuilt as far as im aware i dont really demonstrate it often. Another question... When completing swimming tests for the navy is the 50m any stroke? I really need to improve my swimming ability but 50 metres does sound a little easy to complete
  4. Ah Mr H... There was nobody else it would have been with the number 458 in their name! One tip for you, don't do as I did and use the SCC for EVERY example... Teamwork, leadership, responsibility, flying etc... My ACLO told me off about it! My bad. Good job I decided on uni first, good luck with it all, and get yourself back to Building 147!
  5. Lucky for me i've had plently of work experience ;)
  6. 99% of my leadership examples are from Scouts, so, would it be acceptable to use all scout examples for leadership, but have school & work experience examples for teamwork and organisation?

    The 50m is any stroke, front crawl tends to be best, but, whatever floats your boat. 50m is easy, but after 2 minutes of treading water and before climbing out the deep end. still, not too bad though.
  7. I think they will take into account your age, so won't be expecting as wide a range of leadership examples as a graduate, or an older candidate for example, but don't quote me on that.
  8. Age is not taken into account at AIB, just potential!
  9. Having passed my SIFT interview today I will dutifully pass on my experiences for anyone seeking direction with regards to how their interview may pan out.

    Don't be put off if the officer interviewing you is not from your desired branch; mine was a Royal and that couldn't have be farther removed from the job I am applying for. They are looking for the officer potential in you and that's all you should be concerned with.


    1. Taking the RN out of the question; what has made you want to join the Armed Forces in general?
    2. Why then did you choose the RN as opposed to say the Army or the RAF?
    3. Why are you applying for your chosen branch?
    4. Which sources do you use to gather knowledge about the navy, current affairs (navy related!) and operations?
    5. Say you pass AIB, what happens next? What does your training then consist of?
    6. Say you pass out of BRNC - then what?
    7. Where is the RN on operation around the world?
    8. Which units are on operation and where?
    9. What's the difference between a destroyer and a frigate? (they want to know everything that you know; weapons, radar type etc)
    10. What is the T45 destroyer replacing and why? Why's it a better choice?
    11. Name 3 current RN developments (i.e. ships being built, new aircraft etc).
    12. Name an example of when you have shown leadership skills?
    13. Using a different example, name a time when you have managed a team of people.
    14. Name a time when you have spoken publicly or in front a large number of people.
    15. Name a time when you have demonstrated teamwork abilities.

    And then all the standard questions like: would you up for working on a submarine, drugs policy, taking life, do you have a partner etc etc

    Admittedly I have paraphrased most of these questions but nontheless they are relevant and you could/will/may be asked them!

    My key piece of advice for anyone that wants to do well is to buckle down on your service knowledge and to read up about a few branch specific developments that have happened recently. This will show a deeper level of understanding and that you have a genuine interest in your chosen branch. You will be able to find examples of these in past issues of Navy News.

    Relax, stay calm and back yourself. If you don't know the answer to something then say so - this will gain you more respect than cringily attempting to bullshit your way through ever will. Elaborate on your leadership/management tasks, they want to know that you enjoy leading and what your leadership style is.
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  10. 305 - well done!

    The ACLO who does your SIFT is the one covering your area and all are trained to interview for any branch.

    I would reiterate your point of knowing your chosen branch - for example if you are a potential Engineering Officer, know something about the T45 engines/propulsion system. Mr Google is a wonderful thing....

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