SIFT Interview

Was giving a friend some tips for his. Then sort of wrote loads, thought it might be useful for someone on here.

Okay can give you a bit of info then. :)

"Learn in great detail the pipeline for your desired training. They will ask you about the topics you learn and Dartmouth and what sections the 10 months is split into.

Learn ALL about ships/subs/aircraft, the weapons, the decoys, the role of the ship. (as best you can)

Particularly learn about the Astute & Type 45.

They will almost certainly ask you about the Marines, 3 Commando, attached Units and where 40, 42 & 45 are based. Most of the questions will be nothing to do with the FAA.

They will get you to point at a map and tell them all about about 3 or 4 areas the Navy is operating in. E.g Gulf of Aden, North Atlantic Patrols

Once you have told them and managed to point to the right place then they are going to ask you which ships are there. This includes the Royal Fleet Auxiliary ships and you should learn about those too. The second question is typically why are they there, then maybe questions on recent current affairs in that area.

If you do get stumped, it is better to just admit it because they are just trying to find out how much detail you know about the Navy and they will generally keep asking questions until you run out of answers.

They ask you about what rank you are at each stage of training.

Questions about the top end leaders of the Navy (First sea lord, 2nd sea lord, Cinc Fleet)

Look into HM Armed forces drugs policy, they always ask this.

Look into MARL/ABLE leadership activities at Dartmouth.

Personal Questions:

Make sure you have some great leadership and teamwork examples, Ideally over long periods of time.

There is tons of personal questions. Most are easy, for example

parents jobs, siblings jobs...

School life

Employment life

Desires and dreams for the future

Questions I didn't expect -

Proudest Achievement

Least Proud moment

Difference between Leadership and Management


If your Naval knowledge isn't good enough

They will generally defer you for 3 months, then you can swot up in prep for the next interview which will generally be very Naval knowledge focused.

Wish you the best mate, hope all that proves useful! :)"

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