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Hi Guys,

Ive just passed all my psychometric tests to join the RN as a Warfare Officer and next week I have my pre joining medical. After that i've got my sift interview and I wondered if anybody had any advice on what I could expect from this. Are there any questions/answers that I should be prepared for, or is it more like an informal chat to see how things are going with my application??

Would appreciate the help.
The interview is a formal interview and is designed to see if you are a suitable candidate to put forward for AIB, so make sure you get there early and wear a suit. Treat it as you would any other interview for a fairly well paid job.

You're likely to be asked about your motivation to join, talk about situations when you've been under pressure, situations where things went wrong and what you did, any positions of leadership and family background. Try to recall any challanges you've set yourself and situations where you've been scared and any where you've witnessed bullying, racism or harrassment. The ACLO may nudge you in the right direction if you are struggling.

Make sure you know the 'pipeline' and your career path, and know what you'll be doing at BRNC from start to passing out.

You're likely to be asked to identify at least one ship- ie. 'What can you tell me about the ship in that poster?' and where the Navy are in the world currently and why.

You'll probably be asked if you would be able to kill as well.

There's plenty of good stuff on here, have a look at some older posts. Info from the RN website about the Warfare Officer role is also good.

Good luck!

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