SIFT interview



I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on the SIFT interviews and what form they take, or if they're just a tool to gauge interest and levels of seriousness about joining?

Got mine coming up in a few weeks and not sure what to expect!



Lantern Swinger
You'll be asked about why you want to join the navy, the different types of ships and aircraft they operate (you don't need to know all the technical data, just what roles different ships/aircrafts have) and weapons systems, where the navy are in the world and what they are doing there. You may also be asked about times when you have shown leadership, so its worth brushing up on your naval knowledge - or thats what I was asked when I had one about 18 months ago.


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Look at the AIB interview thread(s) at the top of the forum (in another thread). It's apparently much the same as that except that you obviously don't need to be quite so sharp and the requirements to pass aren't so strict.