Hi there,

I’ve got my SIFT interview for an Officer Pilot coming up and I’m wondering how to approach the managerial and leadership questions? Being a full time student and also having a part time job I haven’t had many opportunities to physically be a leader however I believe I possess the qualities of a leader. I am wondering what kind of examples to give? And if the book on Amazon about the Officer Interview by McMunn would be useful? However it states that they are sample questions for the AIB interview. I’m wondering if these interviews (SIFT & AIB) will be similar. Any help would be appreciated




Lantern Swinger
Someone bought the McMunn book for me back when I did AIB, and I don't think it's useful. I think SIFT and AIB were similar, but AIB had a bit more pressure with it. I was also a full time and student at the time, but I'd never had a job - so I had absolutely nothing to say for managerial and leadership questions. Still managed to pass SIFT; AIB didn't go the same way.