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Hi all,

I recently failed my first Sift interview.

I was told by my AFCO that this was because my understanding of the Warfare officer training after initial training wasn't good enough.

I spoke about 13 weeks initial warfare officer foundation (IWO F ), 7 weeks IWO N (Navigation), 8 months (approx) Specialist fleet training, IWO course and first assignment but wasn't able to discuss in enough detail. I'm struggling to find detailed information online, can anyone help?

Additionally, can any one tell me more about the 6 weeks broadening activities that happens during initial training?

@JFOTRAVELS could you/do you know at which points FAA candidates are now completing IWO (F) and if they complete IWO (N) and if so at what point? PM or here as you see fit! Thanks in advance.

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@thewizard53 Sorry, I'm all SF not FAA and wouldn't like to comment as I'm not sure how different it is between fleets. Best thing to do is speak to your AFCO.


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Must admit, it bewilders me how the service can continue to fail candidates for not knowing up to date facts about the service which are not published officially in the public domain as a Careers Publication or on the official website.

Presumably applicants are expected to "use their initiative" and conduct research on unofficial websites, contrary to the social media policy.

Ironically, this observation could not be made tomorrow.


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And particularly as Service Knowledge has been taken out of the AIB I believe, because they're looking for potential not knowledge of the systems??????????
@thewizard53 Sorry, I'm all SF not FAA and wouldn't like to comment as I'm not sure how different it is between fleets. Best thing to do is speak to your AFCO.
That's no problem, I appreciate that! I've got some info on Observer and Pilot pipelines and streaming etc but there's no indication of which IWO units we do and in what order!

Thanks other's for your replies. I have to agree there is a lack of information available - one PowerPoint I found with diagrams of the Pilot training pipeline is amazing but no idea where I found it, and I didn't bookmark it because I was at college! God help me if I need to find it again...

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@Ninja_Stoker completely agree, If it wasn't for people like @JFOTRAVELS and the fact I know some people in the navy I seriously wouldn't know where to find such information. Some of the things I was asked in the SIFT, I asked the people I know in the navy and they said they've never herd of it i.e. 6 weeks broadening activities. Frustrating but i guess those who persist further demonstrate there motivation to join, got to look at the brighter side :) Best of luck to everyone applying.
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