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I have my sift interview on the 5th of January and was looking for some advice. I know there is plenty of information on here but I cant find the specific training route for a Warfare Officer and was just curious if anyone knows? I was also wondering if I will need to know the exit strategy for Afghanistan? My dad's been going on at me trying to give me information i need to know, such as who Bob Ainsworth and Bill Rammell are and i was wondering if this is too much info and what specific info i may need to know.


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While its not specific for warfare there is a good outline of BRNC involves on the official website And believe it or not wikipedia actually has a page which gives a fairly decent idea of the career path to Lieutenant Commander which as far as I'm aware is all you need for the SIFT but I imagine you can ask the AFCO if you want more detail. In terms of Afghanistan I believe the current mission statement is to train and build up the Afghan military and police until they can take on the Taliban by themselves. Got mine later today also for warfare so buggering off to do some last minute revision, hope this helps a bit.


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Just back from my SIFT which I just about managed to pass. The key area that you need to impress them with are examples of leadership you've shown in the past. I fluffed mine but the guy passed me as apparantly I've the 'x-factor' in terms of personality to be an officer, but he stressed that I'd need to come up with better examples for the AIB. In regards to ship recognition it was just the one picture of a type 23 and I had to explain how I recognised it and what it's primary roles are. Also a brief bit on where the navy's serving and why and the standard drugs policy question and whether you'd kill someone if you had to. Best of luck for yours

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