SIFT Interview Today.


Lantern Swinger
Well, SIFT in a few hours. I don't have any questions which haven't been answered several times before; just wanted to thank those who've helped out thus far - whether in reply to my posts or those of others. A large percentage of the knowledge I've gleaned so far has been from this site. Hopefully it'll have been worth it.
I'll second that Puditer, I have had all of my queries answered comprehensively on here, in particular by ninja stoker and soleil.

Im glad I stumbled across it, with Facepage being banned at my work its been a god send!

Oh and best of luck!


Lantern Swinger
Thank you very much folks. I'm delighted to say that I've passed! Just a case of getting everything sent off and waiting on the AIB now. Thank you again for your help. Soleil, that PDF of the ships/subs/aircraft profiles was invaluable.


Lantern Swinger
Thank you, everyone. As you can probably guess by the hour I post this, a couple of beers have been taken on board in celebration. I'll be sure to summarise the experience at a more appropriate hour tomorrow. First time in a while I've felt slightly proud, though I do say so myself!

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