Sift interview - Technical Questions?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Powder, Oct 8, 2009.

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  1. I understand that the sections of questions asked are going to be split into different cateogories (from what I have read here)
    Personal circumstances - All about you, family life, relationships, experiences..
    Education - Schooling, bullying, punctuality, problems with teachers, results
    Work experience - Previous jobs, or interesting work experience you have had, how you were trusted with money (if you were) etc
    Hobbies and interests - Sport clubs, physical activity, view on drugs, social life, where you go, what do you do. Drinking etc.
    Motivation - Why you want to join the RN, what you hope to get out of it...

    What sort of questions will be asked on the technical sides of the RN? I am applying as a pilot, but am told that I will need to know about weapon systems, different types of ships, maximum speeds of different types, where the warships are based, current operations, the rotary and fixed wing training pipelines?
    What else will go into this cateogory? I really am not too sure on what to expect. A lot of people seem to give off the impression its mainly about you and why you want to join the navy. To see how motivated you are to join. I just dont know too much about this side, so will have to revise even more!

    Thanks in advance,
  2. I've said it before, but again you are in danger of over-preparing. This is a sift interview, not AIB. You seem to be expecting questions on too high a level of detail.
  3. I don't want to lull you into a false sense of security but I wasn't asked a single technical question, just the stuff you've listed and what I knew about the training and job itself. I was applying for entry as a medic though.
  4. I agree with a_a.

    Focus on preparing for the questions about you. Leadership/teamwork and why you want to join, training pipeline etc.

    In my interview the only 'technical' questions were things like..

    'What can you tell me about the new class of destroyers?'

    'What are the names of the two new aircraft carriers?'

    I was asked quite a few questions about current operations. Make sure you know where the RM squadrons are based at the moment for instance, including aircraft. Knowing about ISAF is a must. I was also asked to name so overseas British territories.

    Most of all, just be yourself, speak confidently, maintain eye contact and don't fidget. They might purposely position your chair at an awkward angle to test whether you will have the initiative to move it!

    Best of luck!
    etc etc.
  5. Thanks all. A_A, I was hoping that when someone told me.

    I am fairly confident with the questions about me, as I have written off many CV's, covering letters to employers and work experience people. I am quite good at bigging myself up whilst sound very modest haha.

    I really hope the "technical" questions are as easy and rare as "what are the names of the two new aircraft carriers". I couldn't tell you about the new class of destroyers though, best go and research that up!

    Current operations also seems to be okay, but I cant find much information on Op Telic and Herrick. The anti-piracy/anti-drug trafficking are my favourite subjects, and there has been a lot in the news about HMS Iron Duke and HMS monmouth. I am also hoping SSBN comes up and how NATO are trying to difuse all nuclear weapons (which will never happen).

    I will also have to learn more about RM squadrons. The only bit I know is what I have seen from "Warship" on HMS Ocean and training in Brunei.

    Did you have a lot of questions on ISAF then? Or is it generally just good to talk about?
    I just hope I dont have a "spinny" chair, I always seem to swing on them haha.
    Thanks again all,
    PS: I will be grateful for more posts :)
  6. Make sure you know the Secterary state of defence, Commander-in-Chief Fleet, 1st Sea Lord.

    Also know what operations the Royal Navy are performing around the world and what ships are where (1st page of Navy News goes a long way helping here).

    When it came to me he just told me to describe as many Navy ships as possible giving me a free range on displaying my knowledge.

    Also asked me to describe a Type 23 Frigate front to back.

    Have answers prepared for the Leadership question though, what makes a leader and examples when you have displayed leadership.
  7. Yeah, see these questions sound a bit more tricky. There are SO many ships, and i find it hard to tell the difference, other than the obvious (differences between frigates, submarines, carriers, destroyers etc) but telling the difference within those cateogories is hard for me, and remembering what weapons they have is too. Aircraft for me is really easy to remember, but that is probably because I have previous knowledge of it. I wish there was a really simplistic powerpoint presentatation or something that made it all really simple.
    Do you just have to know the names of the Secterary state of defence, commander in chief fleet and 1st sea lord, or have to know about them in lots more detail? I had a friend who did his sift and all he had to do was name who the 1st sea lord was because it has recently changed, and the rest was about him! And I Love Navy News, its so helpful and I love the PDF format.
    Thanks again for the post James.
  8. The fleet is 75% smaller than when I joined, and we didn't have the internet then...

    You're off again, worrying far too much about detail for this sift.
  9. I just realised that I know the Secretary state of Defence's brother (Peter Ainsworth - local council conservative rep)'s daughter. Check me out. Shouldn't be too hard to remember his name and details now :D

    I like all this current affairs / polictics side. Bob ainsworth looks like he has no idea what is going on though in his videos on youtube. Also had the joint highest expenses at £25,000!
  10. Got that one right :)
  11. My SIFT interview was an informal chat as we understood each other quite well from the offset and it seemed that there was an element of "Now I have to ask you.. etc." rather than a ball grilling. Just be honest and interested.
  12. haha, you make me feel really lazy now. So for the sift interview, its basically what has been stated in this thread, and the main cateogories of ships and what they look like :?
    Getting pretty confused as on one of my inital interviews when talking through the selection process with an AFCO he told me I would need to know stuff like top speeds of ships, weight of ships, ships defence systems, what each ships primary role is etc and I got a bit worried about the amount of stuff I would have to learn.

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