SIFT interview ship,boats,vessels crib sheets


Just starting me revision for my SIFT interview and I've noticed on here people suggesting making crib sheets for each ship. I was just wondering what sections you would split each ship into e.g. speed, weapons, crew number etc.

I passed my RT yesterday and have a interview booked for the end of this month. The women told me I'd be asked questions about my chosen trade and where I go for training. I have to talk about team work and discipline and how I handle it. I think she said a few other things but nothing at all about crib sheets on information about ships. Surely that is something taugh during training?


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@dave11 - stand down from panic stations, the SIFT interview is only for those applying for officer roles.

@Pat07 - I think @FreedomTea made some crib sheets? Perhaps send him a pm. It's been a long while since my sift and AIB, but I seem to remember they were focused on the capabilities and weapons on each platform, and less so on dimensions and complement etc. But tbh, at the sift they will probably keep digging at your knowledge to see how much you know/have learnt. So don't be surprised if the questions just keep coming until you are stumped! Good luck.

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