sift interview (officer) on 2nd april


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Good luck at BRNC.

Ask questions when not sure.

Do you best at everything and remember the real Navy is not BRNC. It is there to start you off, no matter how bad it feels it will get better. Your reputation at BRNC will follow you to the Fleet so be careful.

I had a bad time during basic training (family issues) and found if I need to take a few mins out go to one of the Chapels and just sit there and relax.

And at the end of the day your Divisional Officer is their to help you, use them.

Enjoy - I did.


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sara, the selection process has changed considerably in the last six months, all potential officers must pass the recruit test and a sift interview which is pass or fail BEFORE they can get the AIB forms and a date. It was changed so that less people who are going to fail AIB are put forward. Apparently.


Glad to say I got forwarded for the AIB. I can't stress how much you need to revise the training pipeline & current locations of ships etc


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Congrats Dave.

I have my medical at AFCO this Tuesday then looking at getting an interview sorted for some time towards the end of May/beginning of June.