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Hi all, i have been lurking for a while now but on passing my recruit test for officer and just receiving the date of my sift interview today, i thought id finally come out of the shadows. Id like some advice re my forthcoming sift interview. Will I be asked about the various ships, submarines and aircraft of the navy? Or will it be more of a discussion based around myself, my education, hobbies and ambitions in life etc? Any help would be much appreciated, particularly from uncle ninja! :thanks:


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Hi, welcome & well done on passing the first bit!

The sift interview covers 3 main areas, Communications, Leadership & Motivation. They are not expecting the "finished article" but the more preparation you do, the sooner you will attend AIB because you are a stunningly well versed individual, smartly dressed (jacket & tie or equivalent), shiny shoes, prompt, attentive, etc.

The areas covered break down as follows and the 100% "Ideal candidate" will posses all of the following qualities (very few tick all the boxes, rest assured):

Positive body language
Good Power of expression
Appropriate language
Good eye contact
Able to articulate sentences clearly

Demonstrates can lead team to success/achieve positive results
Capable of Planning ahead
Motivates team
Learnt from mistakes/experience
Good level of commitment to team
Good examples of leadership/taking charge/organisation skills and
likewise from school, university, part-time work, clubs, societies etc.
Teamplayer and team leader.
Trusted & responsible

Good level of Fitness.
Family/partner support.
Sound, logical reasons for joining RN/RM
Well thought out career choices
Good awareness of RN/RM; branch; terms and conditions; training pipeline
Realistic expectations
Reasons for joining RN/RM.
Length of interest.
Knowledge/Preparation for RN/RM.

Good luck!
Just remember to answer honestly. If you don't know, don't try and blag it! But preparation is the only way you will stand a chance.

The sift interview is designed to ensure you are worth referring to AIB. As long as you know your stuff and have the right motivation then it shouldn't be too hard.


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Thanks for the replies! Do you get an information pack through the mail as you do with your recruit test? Or is it purely research off your own back and how you do on the day? (Sorry about all the qs, my AFCO is not the most efficient in the world LOL).
None of them are really, I didn't get a confirmation letter for my sift interview, but the officer whom I met was very on the ball - most impressive seeing as he was a Royal (Marine) too!

You can ask for the information from any AFCO. It is also available on the internet too, although you may have to look further than just the RN/RM website.

How you do on the day is up to how much you prepare. If you already know it, it is still worth brushing up on certain things. I was surprised to find that 2 former Commodores at BRNC are in prominent posts as Rear Admirals - I only met them 4 years ago!

Just like AIB, service knowledge on personnel and equipment doesn't need to be anorak level, as long as you can understand what the RN does, what kit it has and what it uses them for. (E.G. Traf class subs use Tomahawks, with an effective range of 1,000 nm, meaning that the RN can target any fixed position anywhere in the world or The Merlin is used for Anti-Sub Warfare)


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Most people seem to have found the AIB sticky a useful reference source for revision.

Similarly your ACLO will advise your weaker areas which need further developing. If those attending AIB continue to add their tuppence worth to the AIB thread after attending, then it should be a fairly good pointer.
I'm due to have my sift interview sometime in the near future, just waiting for the letter to come through the post. Hope it all goes well IB08.
Thanks IB08. What branch are you applying for? I'm applying to be a Warfare Officer (SM) DGE in 2009. Thought i'd best get the process rolling early. I take it you've sat the recruitment tests? How did you find them?


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Yup i passed my recruit test 7th feb, tbh they are not that challenging, just WORK QUICKLY. Look at the practice booklet the AFCO send you, its the only thing that will show you what the tests are like.
Im also applying as warfare, hoping to do AIB sometime soon after my exams finish (late may of this year). Id ideally like to get to BRNC for October or December of this year, but heres hoping.... Youre a grad, so you shouldnt have any trouble, im going in as direct entry hopefully, being in the last year of A levels and all hehe.


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When I was an ACLO (Manchester-Sheffield-Hull 00-02) and swinging the lamp..........

I always found a nice packet of biscuits helped - only joking.

Be on time, be smart (clean and presentable), read all the stuff you have been sent, view the web site and please have an opinion on something.

If you do not understand a question say so. I was there to find out what you knew not what you didn't.

Ask questions as well. If you have done your homework something will crop up and now is the time to ask.

When sat there be confident, do not slouch and enjoy - this is when you get to talk to us and put yourself across as the one we have been looking for.

Ladies, do not wear too short a dress/skirt. The amount of times a young lady would sit there and know her skirt was too short and then become all self conscious of this. It takes your mind off the real business of impressing and learning about the exciting career that awaits.


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Right, ok, so is a suit the best thing to wear then as its important to be smart? And how often are there AIBs held? I couldnt find this information anywhere, and Id quite like to go to AIB as soon as I finish my college course in late May.


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The AIBs are regular but again a question you can put to the ACLO. Once they feel you are ready for AIB they will get the application process rolling and then it is just a matter of time, you filling in the paperwork, checks at AIB and a free date.


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HEY ALL! I passed my interview and have been recommended for AIB!!!! The officer is sending the forms required tonight by second class post, hopefully ill have em completed by the end of the weekend to send by secure delivery monday!! The ACLO said that early july is a likely date for my AIB, and that the AS levels that ive already done render me ok on the UCAS points requirement for officer entry, which is pretty good!! Thanks for all your adivce, i really appreciate it


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Thanks tO you both, it wasnt as bad as I expected to be honest, you are asked for examples of leadership, bullying and your experiences/views on it, your motivation for joining the royal navy, (this includes your knowledge of what happens at AIB and the different phases at BRNC), and also your career path in your chosen field. What your parents think of your chosen career, your views on drugs are also be covered. As for marks, 5 to 7 out of 10 is recmommend for AIB straight away, 8 to 10 out of 10 is excellent recommend for AIB striaght away. I got 7.5, so the ACLO is posted the forms second class post this evening. Where are you guys in the application process?

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