Sift interview - new format.

I'm not sure if this has already been mentioned, but they've changed the sift interview format.

I went for mine today, and the Lt explained to me that the format had been changed, making me the first candidate he'd interviewed with the new system.

It only took about half an hour, and there were no questions about fitness and no picture identification tests. In fact, he pointed out himself that the new system barely scratched the surface.

I passed, with falling areas being service knowledge (I was fairly limited on Warfare officer training/roles) and posture. The posture bit actually surprised me, as I had no idea I was slouching, or tapping my fingers... easily fixable, I just didn't realise it was happening. I actually feel like I've cheated the system by taking a shorter interview, and so volunteered to take the old picture identification test anyway; I think I scored around 50%

Anyhow, just a heads up. New format and all.
I have yet to have my Sift (next month hopefully, I need clearance in regards to my medical because I had asthma until early teens), but I was in a pleasure/pain kind of way looking forward to the potential grilling.

Do you know when it was introduced? Must have been in the last week or so.
Is this true? The new format seems to make it extremely easy in that case, if anything i would have thought they would be trying to make the whole process harder with the amount of people attempting to join!
I have my SIFT on Monday - had no idea they'd changed the format though. I'm not overly worried as i've prepared for a grilling (and was also looking forward to one..). I agree it seems odd they've made it less in-depth though. Anyone know if it's true, and if it is why?
Well I'm not going to complain, but it does seem backwards!
I'm glad yours is Monday, mines on Thursday fancy informing me how yours goes?

Think I'm still going to swot up in the meantime, all good practice for aib!
Yeah I figure it's probably best to know your ships and service knowledge long before you head to Sultan. Yeah i'll report back Monday afternoon and let you know what to expect!
Caput_Lupinum said:
Yeah I figure it's probably best to know your ships and service knowledge long before you head to Sultan. Yeah i'll report back Monday afternoon and let you know what to expect!
Good luck tomorrow!
msmyth18/other pre-sift applicants,
Ok just had the SIFT.. and passed, so pretty pleased with myself. I will give you a rundown of exactly what I went through so you know what to expect:

Firstly the Lt greeted me v. formally and led me to the room. First few questions were about my family - who they were, what they did, what they thought of me joining. Then why I wanted to join the RN. Next he asked a lot about education - subjects i'd chosen for A-level, what I enjoyed about school, my degree etc. He moved on to extra-curricular stuff e.g. clubs and societies, any unifromed clubs like cadets (which I didn't attend so don't worry if you haven't). Then it was roles of responsibility, and situations where i'd had to lead a group. He then asked all about my branch (Warfare) e.g. what the roles of a warfare officer were, the hierarchy of the branch, the training pipeline for YO's. Finally he asked the dreaded 'kill question' which was not too bad - just said that I was aware that in certain circumstances taking a life maybe the only option etc etc.
THEN, onto test of RN knowlledge. He had a RN calendar with pictures of a ship for each month and asked me to name about 3 or 4 (all major RN ships) and also aircraft - helicopters and jets. Slipped up on weapons systems for some, but he said that he kept digging until I made a mistake so don't worry if you get caught out. Asked about first Sea Lord, the role marines play, amphibious landing ships - nothing really on current deployments though.
Finally he asked whether I thought I had it in me to lead a ship, how I socialised with friends, the RN's ploicy on drugs (zero tolerance, with random testing) and also what I thought about debt.

That about includes everything - lasted roughly 40mins, and there were no real surprise questions. My only advice is try to relax (I know it's hard) and just be yourself - if you want enough it will show. Other than that just brush up on weapons systems e.g. Sea Wolf, Sea Dart, sonor types - and which ships they are on e.g. frigates, destroyers etc.
Good luck on Thursday msmyth - let me know how it goes! :)
Silly question, but it must be asked

On the pictures of ships, is it the class of ship they are asking for, or the actual name?
I remember that the Ark Royal has the distinguishing R2-D2 white dome of the phalanx system for example. In a while I'll be ok for other ships, but thought I'd just ask anyway.
On the pictures of ships, is it the class of ship they are asking for, or the actual name?
He just flicked through e.g. to a type 45 destroyer and said can you identify this ship - giving the answer of a Daring class type 45 destroyer. I think if I didn't say the class he would have prompted for it so it's best to know the class and type - don't go into trying to identify the pennant number i.e. HMS Daring etc. That's not necessary.

Good luck with your SIFT too older joiner.
Right just got back into work after the interview!
Was very eye opening and not quite what I expected!

Arrived at the base and was signed in by the guard then waited to be collected by a Rating who took me to the interview room. No one was in there so i took to reading the navy news while I waited.

The Lt arrived greeted me and questioned my joining date, he then said that because im not looking at joining until after Uni that my app would be best deferred for a year January 2012!

He said we will run through a few questions so he can gain a picture on myself. Family, friends what i do in my spare time etc!

He then questioned me on my motivation for joining, why i want to join the branch (FAA) and what i can tell him about the branch. He pushed alot on leadership! He basically came to the conclusion that even though ive been involved in cadets for 6 years and gold d of e and charity fundraising to the tune of 50grand that i haven’t really been massively involved in extra curricular activities.

However he said I’ll have another interview in approximately 8-12 months where we will discuss my progress and how best to tackle the actual SIFT interview and AIB etc.
It was a eye opening experience, and although i don’t agree with all he had to say, the most important message i took away from it was that becoming a RN Officer is by no means the easiest route in life.... I think 12rounds with rocky balboa would be easier! Also i now know i have the time to revise and be the best candidate thru the remaining sections. Think i will have a look at URNU to enhance my extra curricular activities!

For anyone who wishes to be a pilot here are some (disheartening) stats he gave:

FATS-50% of people pass
Flight Grading- 40%

All tests during training- 40%

All the above are apparently averages, he said one class may all pass and the next all fail. You are not a pilot until you have your wings!

I’m going to keep the determination up and see where that takes me!

Jan 2012! Jeez that's a long wait - I guess if you're still at uni though it's best to concentrate on that.
All I can say is that i'm glad i'm not going through FAT's and such.. The SIFT and AIB are more than enough for me to work on. I suppose that's the price you pay for opting to be a pilot - hard work but no doubt one of the most exciting jobs.
Hope you're not too put off msmyth - ignore the stats, and keep the faith.
Yeah that’s true, I was under the impression (advice from AFCO) that i should get my application moving as soon as possible!
I’m going to try for it anyway, my back up is Information Systems Engineer Officer which complements my degree- Plus they offer a £12k joining bonus! That’s quite literally a nice bachelor pad deposit right there!

Good luck with the AIB Caput_lapinum!
To those who have recently had their sift interview: Did you receive a letter of confirmation from the Lt. before the date? Was just wondering if I should be expecting one confirming date/time etc.

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