Sift Interview - My experience.

Hi all,
I had my SIFT interview last week, thought I could pass on my experience. I'm applying for Warfare Officer.

Firstly I was asked about my motivations...
Why the military?
Why the Navy?
Why Warfare?
This first section is quite personal and its hard to give a by the book answer, everybody has their own reasons, I just tried to make sure I could convey and articulate them in a confident and attractive manner.

We then moved on to the role...
When would you do warfare?
What is your training pipeline?
What commission I would be starting on?
What are the different tiers of commission?
All this can be found on the website but when I looked the warfare training structure was out of date, it may be updated now. I ended up asking a current candidate at BRNC for the training structure, PM me if you want me to send it to you.

We then moved on to competency questions...
When have you lead a team?
When have you had something go wrong whilst leading a team?
When have you worked within a team?
I extrapolated my answers from the form that you have to do earlier in the application process, I also had 2 or 3 answers/examples for each kind of question.

Current affairs questions...
This was much less structured than I thought it was going to be, the interviewing officer asked me where the royal navy is currently deployed and that was about it, I was given free rein to direct the answer. I gave examples of the royal navy in the Libya campaign and its involvement in the Syrian campaign, culminating the two to explain the current migrant crisis in the Mediterranean.
Through out this the interviewing officer would ask me to expand on certain aspects such as...
What did the campaign in Libya highlight for the Royal Navy?
Why was HMS Bulwark chosen to be deployed to the Mediterranean?
What are her capabilities that make her so suited to this kind of task?
I used operation names at as much as possible and tried to provide details of ships and weapons. I didn't go overboard on these as I was trying to show the application of the equipment as much as knowledge of specifications.

Finally we moved on to the future of the Royal Navy.
Opinions on f35's/carriers/weapons etc etc.

The interviewing officer then left the room for 10 minutes, giving me the chance to tear most of my hair out. At debrief I was given feedback and we had a chance to discuss areas for improvement.

This is in no way 'a how to pass your SIFT' guide, its just my experience. I found the interview to be reasonably casual and dare I say we actually had a few laughs.
Of course there were a few mind blanks and all the other things that come with being under pressure, but again a sense of humour on the matter really helped.

Hopefully this will help some poor soul trawling the internet for advice. Feel free to PM me if you have any further questions on my experience, and best of luck to those going for interview!
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A very helpful post!

Can I ask how long ago your application began and how long between your PJFT and this sift interview?


Thanks! Glad you found the post helpful. I had about two months between the two, but I had a delay with my medical so I don't know how typical of the application process my time scale was?


Thanks for the reply.

Do you mind me asking what the delay was as that's the hurdle I'm currently facing!
Thanks for the reply.

Do you mind me asking what the delay was as that's the hurdle I'm currently facing!
If it helps, I had a delay in mine because of a fractured wrist when I was 9 - the issue being that there were no medical records and nobody (besides me) could remember it happening. If there is a delay, it may be that somebody, somewhere, is chasing up some paperwork that has gone astray, and you shouldn't be waiting too long!

And Browse, I have my AIB in the first week of August too, so it sounds like I may meet you there! :)
I can't really say it was too long, a couple of weeks at the most. It was back in October, so my apologies if I can't remember all of that perfectly...

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