Sift Interview Advice/Thanks!

I just got back from my Sift interview and I am pleased to say that I passed! I'd just like to say thanks to the people on here that have answered my questions because the info on here is invaluable!

Advice: (I didn't necessarily do this, this is just what the interviewer told me, after my interview!)

-Don't talk badly about the other two forces when you are asked: 'Why do you want to join the Royal Navy in particular?' (I didn't, but the interviewer said you have to respect the other forces!)

-When asked about your opinions on things: focus more on the positives of one thing rather than the negatives of the other. (For example if you were asked about different specialisations, don't say why you wouldn't want to do one .

-For the Navy knowledge, just learn what, where and why. Nothing more. Example: I was asked to state operations around the world, stating which units are there and what they are doing. (Don't waste your time revising how far a certain missile can travel etc.)

-Have loads of leadership example: At least 4-5 decent ones. Luckily I had 5 and I had to use them all because I had to use examples throughout my interview.

A lot of this has been said before, but as long as you know about the fleet and operations you'll be fine, because after all it's about you!

Thanks again for the help!

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