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I am sure somebody will be along that is more informed than me, however my tuppence worth is grab a cocoa and sit back, relax and wait...wait and if you are any good ... wait a little bit more. I'm still in the process from last year. On the lighter side it seems to be speeding up now. Hope it goes well for you .

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I would chase up your AFCO sooner rather than later. They seem to be quite busy so you might slip under the net if you don't keep up to date with them..
I received a formal interview letter a couple of days ago for a chef apprenticeship. So although I could be wrong, I would imagine stuff is going through currently
Called up Portsmouth today (not my local recruitment office) and they said there would be a SIFT in June for the Seaman Apprentice. Not sure if that means they know about me, should I call my local AFCO, or just wait?
Passed my entrance test in Feb 18 - Not heard a sausage since, as expected, will I hear soon or is the sift later on in the year?

Update for me.

Got SIFT (Career Discussion) interview on Wednesday 11th July 2018 (in three days), anyone been interviewed recently for RFA? would like some top tips! but Im pretty confident tbh (I have a bit of nerves!) learnt all the ships and the job (Seamanship) (being an ex RN deck ape helps a bit im guessing - still know all the knots and ropework etc).
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Passed my provisional acceptance letter today...if all goes well I start January 13th 2019.

Any one want Info on my process so far I'll be happy to help.

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