Sierra Leone makes Blair 'Chief of Peace'

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Oil_Slick, May 31, 2007.

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  1. Who cares as long as he stays out there......
  2. He can Peace off then.
  3. :thumright:

    But seriously, for all his cockups, lies etc, Sierra Leone was a brave call to make, and the correct one.

    I can't believe I am supporting him! I'm off to have a lie down now... :pukel:
  4. This is typical of the ' big three ' Bush , Blair and Howard , sort everone's problems out except the home problems as the countries get over-run by big mobs of all sorts from asylum seekers to straight out illegal immigrants . Not only potential terrorists but in some cases riddled with disease , from TB to HIV. :pukel:
  5. Chief of Peace (or is it Chief of P**s??) but isn't this country in a state of civil war ?
  6. Don't forget his first reaction to SL - sent RFA Argus and 3 ASW Seakings, and they wern't even front line aircraft - was the training Squadron, had to disembark the students!! Didn't get all the way there thankfully!
    I do agree though, much better handled over the last few years.

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