Sidmouth Herald: "Shell Shock! Bomb Squad Race To Sidmouth Auctioneers"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Aug 26, 2011.

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  1. What exactly is a Spifire shell???
  2. 20 mm cannon shell from a spitfires guns.??
  3. Having looked at the phots accompanying this article I have 2 questions:

    1. Why are they not wearing headgear?
    2. Why are divers the only branch where ABs wear their branch badge on CS95?
  4. I can answer question number 2 because they are not official slides. The royal navy ones are the only official ones made for AB's those ones you see are made by a civi company

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  5. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Looks as if he made the slide up himself. Makes a nice aiming point and defeats the object of CS95. As for headgear, given the slagging that a well known WO Diver got for the state of his beret (on these pages or those of Arrse) they are probably not taking a chance.

    Anyway, these two should be in 8s (sorry - 4s) and caps (IMHO). There are a lot of liberties being taken with uniform across the Service and it contributes to the country's sea blindness.
  6. Because they are awesome. Apparently thus is the reason why they have to be different.

    A bit like the paras v the rest of the army. Except divers are chad as **** and paras are a very capable body of men.
  7. Yep one was forgetting they added the 20mm cannon later mixed with the .303
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I'm going to coin a phrase for this militarily unjustifiable wearing of CS95 that was to have been stamped out by IIRC, 2SL.

    PIBUA; Posing in Built Up Areas.
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  9. This is from BR3:

    Part 6

    3823. Wearing of CS 95 in the Naval Service

    a. Naval Service personnel should wear Naval Service uniform unless there are clear, practical and environmental reasons to wear CS 95 and the Commanding Officer's approval, governed by this policy, has been given. In this context, General Duty Rig (No 3s) or Action Working Dress (No 4s) is the normal working rig for RN personnel whilst No 3A/3C 'Half Lovats' or No 3B Training Rig (CS 95) is appropriate for RM personnel.

    b. RN Personnel. The operational/working rig for RN personnel is to be No 3s or No 4s as directed locally, supplemented as required by service overalls/coveralls.

    Exceptionally, CS 95 may be drawn/task issued for wear as follows:

    (1) Operations ashore where the operational commander judges:

    (a) DPM is essential.
    (b) When the distinction of Naval uniform represents an increased risk to the individual.
    (c) In extreme climatic conditions.

    (2) By members of the Joint Force Headquarters held at Extremely High Readiness.

    (3) Operational Training, Exercises and Adventurous training in the land environment.

    (4) Ships' Boarding Parties, only when comprising RN and RM personnel.

    (5) RN personnel assigned to RM units when RM personnel are wearing CS 95.

    (6) RN Fleet Diving Squadron (Qualified Personnel).

    c. RM Personnel. It is acknowledged that the equivalent No 4 dress for RMs is CS 95 and the nature and diversity of tasks conducted in operational units and CTCRM make it difficult to define precisely when activities should be completed whilst wearing No 3A/3C 'Half Lovats'. In principle, the dress for operational, training and manual work for RM personnel is to be CS 95 (PECOC when issued). CS 95/PECOC may also be worn by members of the Joint Force Headquarters held at Extremely High Readiness. Other than in the circumstances above, the working dress for RM is to be No 3A/3C 'Half Lovats'.

    d. Any unit wishing to propose a change to this policy should submit a detailed justification in accordance with Para 3708 of this publication for consideration by the Naval Service Clothing Committee and, if necessary, by COS(Pers)/HQ Navy Command.


    1. On all occasions of wearing CS 95, WO1 RN are to wear the Service issued brown wrist strap.

    2. Royal Navy Police (RNP). At Commanding officer's discretion, dependent on theatre of operations, the Military Police (MP) badge (see Fig 39E-15c) may need to be applied to the right sleeve only.
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  10. Yup, the question is, why?
  11. Is it not for the extra pockets provided in the jacket for stowage of personal grooming equipment??
  12. Yep, pocket shaving/grooming mirror, hair dryer, hair gel, hair comb & brush, nose/ear hair trimmer, deodorant, aftershave, talc, cotton buds, showergel, manicure set, housewife, dhoby dust tablet and coconut oil to apply sheen to exposed flesh.

    CS 95 specially tailored around crotch area with spandex as they always have a stiffy on when out and about.
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  13. Why are letting it bother you???
  14. Because they're part of the RN?
  15. Still doesn't answer why you're letting it bother you. We wear CS95 and have done for years, could have been worse we used to go on the road in tracksuits! We wear them due to intergrating with other services amongst other reasons. Headgear is not worn at Horsea and I guess that bad habit continues when we leave the island. However those points aside can't see why we are RN enemy number 1? Personally I couldn't give two hoots what other branches do and let them get on with it.
  16. I think Frogman, the issue how I see it and it is my opinion is the public doesn't see Royal Navy dressed in CS95's just a soldier. So not wearing RN uniform doesn't help the public see it's Matelots doing the good work the divers do not any old soldier. That's the main issue.

    I think other opinions are along the CS95 is designed for camouflage why do you need to camouflage as a diver in a non camouflage needed role when you have a working rig anyways. Unlike soldiers, booties etc where that is their working rig.

    Not 100% sure but I think they are the issues.

    I don't have a problem with the divers that were sideways entries however I don't like direct entries but that's another story and from experience of when I was a QM at Horsea

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  17. Bang on the money. I have no issues with divers but I do have an issue with the ongoing sea blindness the public have.

    Frogman, I'm an AC, only crushers are more disliked than us.
  18. Fully agree some of the new direct entries need putting back in their boxes. As for the CS95 again my team spends a majority of its time with 539 and ABU bootnecks so 8's not really fit in. As for recognition we do have RN flashes on our shoulders.
  19. AC? Aircraft controller? Why would they be hated?

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