Sicknote Britain.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirling, Apr 28, 2011.

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  1. BBC - Mark Easton's UK: The truth about sicknote Britain

    The comments on this are worth a read.
    here is one I picked at random from WrekinAir

    The tabloids - and it seems far too many others - are of course wilfully mis-interpreting a set of statistics which, quite frankly, are meaningless when taken out of context.

    What they do tell is the story of the hard-line approach being taken by the DWP through it's 'medical assessors'. These are commercial companies paid on a results basis as well as for their throughput.

    In their contracts there are incentives for 'weeding out' people whom the contractors can 'prove' are capable of working. Unfortunately, due to the need to assess so many people, both new applicants and those currently being forcibly transferred from Incapacity Benefit to ESA, the contractors are it seems unable to employ either properly qualified medical practitioners (especially in mental health) or staff for whom English is their first language.

    The net result is a culture of 'if in doubt rule them fit' - even to the point where people confined to wheelchairs are being classed as 'no physical problems' and individuals who are still out-patients to mental health institutions as having 'no barriers to normal work'. Reports from GPs and consultants are either ignored or mis-represented on the assessment score sheets.

    And so the system is being overwhelmed by appeals against the rulings made by the contractors. Which will cost the DWP even more than whatever money it has saved by out-sourcing the assessments
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  2. you are bang right i have been through process as they say three times Gods knows medical exams which have cost thousands i should thuosands both plaintiff and defendant have agreed to the severity of my injuries only to go the the DWP orDHSS and be told NO yo dont have these injuries deseases ets it is a load of complet bollocks to me
  3. I know I am not going to win many friends with this, But the are too many people living on benefits as a life style. It was set up as a stop gap to help people get back on their feet. If you are disabled and can't work physically that is what the system was set for, no problem.

    When the unemployed get more for watching Jeremy Kyle than I do for working my arse off, then I say the system needs a good shake up even if it cost more to implement.

    Waiting for Finks bleeding heart socialist come back.
  4. I'm with Bikerman
    Far too many were transferred from unemployment benefit to Incapacity nemefits to make the unemployment figures look good.
    For those who genuinely cannot work the benefits should continue, however many fat, drunken or drug using bastards should have theirs stopped ASAP
  5. Right enough, this country is very fekin sick with no cure in sight.
  6. See there you go using that filthy word "work" again.
    For **** sake it upsets me, makes me sweat, and now I shall be having flashes of you working, whilst I'm watching Jeremy Kyle.
    You inconsiderate bastard, never thinking of the sick, and there is also another dark side to your post.
    Whilst your working, if you worry about me watching Jeremy, you wont work as hard and could end up unemployed. Then there wont be as much money in the pot for me.
    Concentrate on work, thats the way forwards.:-D:-D
  7. Except for the 'ceremonials' Finks, except for those.

    But perhaps you would have not been among those (allegedly) two billion folk world-wide who saw the visual 'evidence' for themselves, would you now?

    Just to remind you that (however unpalatable it may be to you when you peer through your dog-sh!t tinted spectacles) UK Plc Ltd. still has something very unique to be justifiably proud about.
  8. Being able to put on a splendid show and yes it was just that of feudal extravagance will be a great help in sorting out the shit we are in.
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  9. So you think that it was a waste of money then Finks? :protest:

    I, for one, am still at the :party: :eek:ccasion7:
  10. Send them all a ticket to Helmand. Give them a gun with blanks and let them loose in the desert. Those who survive the Americans and AQ can then reapply for their incapacity benefit on repatriation.

  11. Gun??? :scratch:
  12. Them ALL?

    Do they leave their wheelchairs in Bastion champ, or should they use crutches.
    Sounds like your another one of these unqualified gobshites who can write off a whole spectrum of people due to a story you read in a paper, propagated by a very "honest" politician. I read a story about an RN medic trying to avoid Afghanistan, apparently, their ALL cowards.
    So if I now tell you the injuries of my nearest and dearest were service related would she then be genuine? After all she could be like the naughty Naval Medic.
    Or could it possibly be that thousands are genuine and like ALL things the bad apples bring into disrepute the rest of the barrel?
    And you using a sweeping statement like ALL shows how utterly ignorant you are about the whole topic but hey ho the outrage bus is here so why not take a ride.

    Oh and 70% of appeals are upheld when they get to see a REAL doctor.
    Still the Nazi's had the real deal didn't they champ, after all Zyklon B has to work out cheaper.
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  13. I`m with Mr. Rat....Zyklon B is the way to go...

    When I was I Spain this winter I met an old boy who was openly braggin about the fact he got a fat pension from the council and when he retired they sent him to the Doctor to find something wrong so he could top up his pension with invalidity...and they did.....
    The worst are the police and teachers they have turned the trick of retiring at 55 with a pension and invalidity into an art now they are to be reassesed ...about time..
  14. I will be generous on this one, if it made the a small proportion of the subservient serfs happy for a day I suppose it could be looked upon as money well spent.
  15. Where did you get these figures from?
    The percentage of those who appeal and win is far lower than 70%, and remember that many claiments do not show for the medical and many others accept the decision without appealing.
    I am fairly sure that those who deserve to be supported by the state will continue to ve supported. I'm also sure that many fraudulent claiments will also successfully appeal and continue living the life of Riley on the backs of tax payers.
  16. Successful incapacity benefit appeals PDF Print Em

    Try here Slim cut and pasted from a Gov site. My rant was directed at a bell end using the prefix to his post ALL. And as I thought you knew I was a Naval Medic you might spot the irony in the reply.

    Successful incapacity benefit appeals

    Although you may not think so, you have a good chance of winning your incapacity benefit appeal.

    According to official statistics 50% of those who appeal against a decision that they are capable of work and attend an oral hearing win their case.

    That goes up to a staggering 70% for those who are represented.

    But, whether you're represented or not, you can ensure you make the best possible incapacity benefit appeal by becoming a Benefits and Work member.
  17. Unfortunately Rummers that site is neing a little economic with the truth. Read carefully and you soon discover that they are a commercial company. Whether this is funded from government coffers or not I don't know but it is a for profit organisation. They are of course quoting figures only for those who actually appeal the decision, as stated many fall at the first fence by not attending the medical and more do not contest the decision made.

    Bit more info here:
    Press Complaints Commission >> Resolved complaints >> Benefits and Work Publishing Ltd==

    More about those who run the Business
    Disability Living Allowance

    The last one is interesting, read the final page. Are they ambulance chasers, your guess is as good as mine.
  18. OK a bit of wood shaped like a gun, they need to make themselves valid targets.

    I assume they would either get free parking for their cars at Bastion or free taxis and if they have powered wheel chairs, they could get off road tyres and long life batteries fitted. If they have manual chairs, maybe the bandies could take on their stretcher bearer role and carry them to a suitable location...

    Take a chill pill FFS, we were talking about wasters, druggies, fat bastards and alchies and the sicknote\incapacity benefit Britain in which we now find ourselves living, so unless your other half comes into one of the above noted categories she can claim away. Hope she gets what she is entitled too.

    And you call me a bell end, is there a corner where I can go cry? Boo ******* hoo.
  19. Don't cry booty I have broad shoulders and a caring disposition I will give you a hug.

    Right some arse hole phones the DWP and makes a statement.
    Benefit stopped for one year almost to the day, until tribunal.
    Loss of ambulance to and from Burton hospital's pain clinic. Loss of blue badge so very restricted to where she could travel to.
    Loss of living allowance to pay for help in lifting things or shopping. Result mega pain no treatment and almost dependant on others "goodwill".
    And at a time when I was laid up in hospital for four months trying to get over my injuries, and it didn't change much when I came out as license suspended for another three months.
    Not a sympathy trip, more of a be careful jumping on the outrage bus too quick angle, as you don't always know its the right route. When folks start on a which hunt sometimes the innocent get sucked under as well.
    So if I'm on a hair trigger at least you know why.
    I also assume yor a white boy as well so have a small cock.
    Apart from that love and kisses and don't try and get behind me, thats just sex not love.:laughing2:

    I still don't know if you're a bellend as I don't know you yet.;-P
  20. Rummers
    I'm fairly certain that no member of RR would like to see benefits removed from genuine cases such as your wife.
    In fact hopefully the government are increasing the payments for such cases and rightly so. However as a man of medicine I reckon you will have witnessed many cases of fraudulent claiments.
    Genuine cases must be helped but non genuine scroungers must be taken out of the system, as a country we simply can't afford to continue paying benefits to those who can but will not work.
    I'm a honky with a tiny cock smallest and prettiest in the fleet..............................but you wouldn't like it on the end of your nose as a wart:-D

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