Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by LBoy, Jan 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi can anyone tell me the procedure to follow if you are sick as I got knocked of my push bike by a car and have damaged my back and am in a lot of pain. I have managed to get to my doctors and he has signed me off. What is the procedure to follow to inform the Navy as I am unable to get back to base at the moment due to my injury.

    Many thanks
  2. i would have thought like for any employer... phone them and tell them!! and maybe ask what you have to do after that.
  3. Yes I did think of that but who do I phone, I'm at Collingwood.
  4. well phone Collingwood and ask who you need to be put through to... do they not have a doctors on the base?
  5. The instructions used to be on the back of your leave pass , or dont you have them anymore ??????? .
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Ring 02392 722351 (MOD exchange), ask to speak to the Officer of the Day, HMS Whatever to report it NOW, not when you're due back.

    The criteria is fitness to travel incidentally, not fitness for work as sickbay facilities are available, so a sicknote only verifies you're sick, not whether you can travel back.
  7. No mate, not with jpa.

    LBoy, phone Collingrad and ask to be put through to the Sickbay Reception mate.
    They will ask questions pertaining to your class and instructor, etc and also details of injury.

    Bear in mind that although a Doctor has signed you off WORK, if it is deemed that you are fit to travel, then you WILL have to return to prison soonest, for internment in the sickery ;)

    Damn you Ninja typer!!
  8. A civilian GP CANNOT sign you off - it says this on the back of your leave pass. All a civvy GP can do is certify you unfit to travel.

    It is your duty to report to your nearest Armed Forces base to see an Armed Forces Medical Officer, of any Service.

    If you have not liased with your Unit and a Services MO, and are supposed to be at your place of duty now, then you are currently AWOL and I would suggest contacting the OOD sharpish!
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    :thumright: Hah, don't ya hate it when that happens!
  10. Lol :thumright:
  11. :)
    I don't mind mate, its all good info that flows from you! ;)
  12. In the ''old'' days they used to have a list of Admiralty /Mod surgeons for localities ---useful if you were miles from any Service base.

    As for back injuries --I think the current cure is pain killers and recommended that you keep moving ,resting makes it worse!! I think there were too many people ''havin a bad back'' and going on the sick .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  13. would have to be a very bad back to stop you from traveling.
  14. Had a problem with my back when at Neptune, the Doc said i could go on sick leave, the only problem being, how the hell i was going to get home as i was incapable of travel, it took me 25 mins to get to sick bay from my cabin, normally a 5 min walk.

    LBoy, I have every sympathy with you about your back, but this is a bone question, you should know to contact your ship/establishment when you have a problem that may affect you returning to duty.
  15. Lamri, the only solutions are:-

    - to either type faster
    - get one of the new fangled, mobile text proficient, baby stokers to enter it for you as you dictate; or
    - send a Request form to Ninjy requestiong permission to respond first! :lol:

    The Thing
  16. Thing is, I start to type but then forget what I
  17. I've suffered from chronic back pain for years. The advice I was given some 15 years ago, when it was only acute (so I thought) is to keep active and, if necessary, take anti-inflammatory tablets or painkillers. You might find hot baths (not showers) helpful too.

    PS: I commute every day with bad back pain, so it's no excuse, skin! :biggrin:

    Jerry Atric ;)
  18. N_S you rock! always spot on info. Can you also tell me the lotto numbers for tomorrow? :)
  19. My God, i wish i were in to-days Royal Navy where you don`t have to think for yourself.
  20. Cheers fella, much appricated for the number got me straight through :thumright:

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