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Sick web hijackers cash in on Madeleine


War Hero
I know that I am will be getting loads of incoming from this but I feel it has to be said.
Read the article fully before making your mind up.
I initially thought that the Daily Wail had discovered a huge scam where funds for the child were being syphoned off. however on reading the article I discover that those visiting these sited are invited to click on sponsored advertisers logo's. This costs nothing to the user but does generate fees for the site owner. Indeed Rum ration is partly sponsored this way.
The parents of the child are stating that they want the case kept high profile and to an extent those operating these pages are doing just that.
I do not condone the sites, however it seems to me that the Daily Wail is headline seeking.
If the sites are guilty of using misery for profit then so is the Daily Mail using misery to sell papers.
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