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sick to death of kate and gerry mcann

Even though my sympathy goes out to poor Maddie i am sick to the back bone of seeing Kate and Gerry in the paper or on the TV everyday. The press seem to forget that these pair of dim wits left their 3 children alone all under the age of 4, the twins were still in nappies, even if Maddie hadn't been abducted so many other things could of happened, for instance what if one of the children had fell out the bed and banged his or her head, what if one of them had started choking on something, there are so many things that could of happened, thats why any responsible parent would've got a baby sitter.
The best of it is is when Gerry came out with a comment recently about his "concerns about the security on the complex", so why on earth leave your kids alone if you harbour concerns like that?!!
But they get VIP treatment, and lets not forget the circus act detective firm who are getting 50'000 a month of peoples donations to come out and say she will be home soon!!
I just hope this whole tragic fiasco is sorted very soon because I cant take much more of seeing their wooden faces!!


....unfortunately BH the red tops will run the story ad nauseum until she is found, xpress has featured maddie on the front page almost daily.


Lantern Swinger
Totally agree. While I don't want to come off as a ruthless bastard, I think it's about time they started to move on with their lives and time they stopped consistently whoring themselves out for more media attention.

Every SINGLE day dozens of children go missing. Where is the media parade, the 100s of thousands of pounds in donations and the avalanche of messages consoling their parents? And you can bet most of those children were not recklessly left alone at such a young age, and that their parents are not such media-savvy rich doctors.

The tabloids love of this story is almost as annoying as their love of Amy Winehouse/pointless celebrities.

Ahh don't you just love a Saturday hangover rant...


War Hero
Another one who agrees with what you say and I am also feed up of seeing them in media on a daily basis.

Yes, I feel for them, as a parent myself I would hate to think how I would react should anything like that happen to any of my children. However, as you rightly say, they 'left' their children alone whilst they were out enjoying their evening and for that, they should be ashamed of themselves.


Lantern Swinger
To be honest i disagree, don't get me wrong I'm also fed up with seeing there faces every day but if it was my child i would be doing exactly the same as they are, i would want as much news coverage as possible to keep Maddie's face fresh in everyones mind because for example if you were walking down the street in a years time and seen her with someone (fingers crossed) you would have a much better chance of recognizing her if you had seen a picture of her in the paper or on the news that same day rather than a year ago when what has happened is at the back of your mind or you have forgot about it.


War Hero
I can see where you are coming from carlm, but the thing is, it was their irresponsibility which caused the whole problem. Why should they be getting this special treatment, when there are plenty of other children missing and their parents are receiving very little help.

I hate to sound callous, but there is about 0.01 percent of them ever seeing poor young Maddie ever again and I believe she has either been sold off or is now dead.

Also, if any of us had left our children 'home alone' like the McCanns did, I bet the police and the social services would be investigating us.

Sorry, but that is my view.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Q: What's the difference between Maddie McCann and Pope John Paul II?
A: The Pope died a virgin...

8O :oops: :twisted:
sgtpepperband said:
Q: What's the difference between Maddie McCann and Pope John Paul II?
A: The Pope died a virgin...

8O :oops: :twisted:

SPB-- bad man!!! bad bad man...........


Lantern Swinger
Q. What's the difference between Madeline McCann and jokes about Madeline McCann?
A. Madeline McCann jokes will get old.
Q. What's worse than sending your children round michael Jacksons for the night?

A. Sending them on holiday with the McCanns


War Hero
Its things like this that stopped me reading the papers YEARS ago.. full of doom and gloom......... any one remeber the And Finally part of the news many moons ago when they would report something funny and happy.


War Hero
Blame the media for dragging out this story: yet another picture of Kate McCann leaving the house by car. FFS, they do it EVERYDAY! Another slow news day ? - lets have another photo of Mrs McCann - pisspoor journalism at all levels.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Something old, something new, something borrowed, something... :wink:

(Got plenty more where they came from... :wink: )


What's the difference between Madeleine McCann and a bowling ball?
You can only get three fingers into a bowling ball!

New car being launched in Portugal, space in the boot for a child. It's called the Renault McCann.

Jose Mourinho has said he wants to go back to Portugal and never be seen or heard from again. The McCanns have offered to help.

Congratulations to Madeleine McCann - 2007 European Hide and Seek Championships winner!

Jerry and Kate McCann went to see the Pope to ask if he could help find their daughter. The Pope said he'd love to help but the Catholic Clergy was more used to hunting down small boys.

John Darwin has walked into a police station after being missing, presumed dead for five years. He says that's the last time he goes on holiday with the McCanns!

Why is Madeleine McCann like a submarine?
Both are 10 feet under and full of seamen!

What's the difference between the McCanns and Gary Glitter?
Gary Glitter comes back from his holidays with more kids than he left with.

What's the difference between Madeleine McCann and a tan?
A tan doesn't dissapear until after the holiday.

What's the difference between the McCanns and other parents?
When other parents bury their kid in sand at the beach for a laugh, they dig them back out afterwards.

Whats the difference between the Scottish and Madeleine McCann?
The Scottish are still tight.

What's the difference between Madeleine McCann and Elvis?
More people believe Elvis is still alive.

What does Johnny Macrae have in common with Madeleine McCann?
They've both been fcuked by their dad's chopper.

What do Madeleine McCann and football have in common?
Footballs NOT Coming Home either.

What's the difference between an Emperor penguin and Gerry McCann?
An Emperor penguin doesn't leave his egg to spend three hours throwing cheap wine down his neck in a local bistro on the pretence he can still see the vague area the egg was left in.

Q: What did Madeleine McCann ask for for her 4th birthday?
A: Better parents.

What's the difference between Madeleine McCann and my bike?
My bike doesn't cry when I ride it.

What's worse than leaving your three-year-old and your twin two-year-olds at home alone?
Having Mr and Mrs. Mccann take them on holiday.

What's worse than Michael Jackson babysitting your kids?
Ian Huntley giving them a bath. What's even worse than that?
The McCanns taking them on holiday!......What's even worse than that?
Being raped...

How are Maddy McCann jokes like Maddy McCann?
They've both been done to death.

Questions to ask Gerry and Kate McCann, if they hold a press conference in the UK:
1. So, apart from that, how was the meal?
2. Got any holidays planned?
3. Have you thought of going into the childcare business?
4. Which Portuguese policeman is your favourite?
5. Did you check out the Pope's alibi thoroughly? He did used to be a Nazi after all...

6. How does collecting a million quid in donations to your non-charitable appeal fund help to find someone when you are not actually doing any of the searching or investigation and the whole investigation is, in fact, being funded by the taxpayers of Portugal, the UK, Belgium, Morocco etc etc ?

What's pink and fluffy and haven't moved in 7 months?
Madeleine McCann's slippers.

What's the difference between Madeleine McCann and Princess Diana?
Only two people saw Madeleine's burial.

What do Madeleine McCann and a Guinea Pig have in common?
Both have a life expectancy of 4 years and end-up buried in a backyard!

What a relief that the McCanns have been formally named as suspects in little Maddie's disappearance.
Now the heat's off me, I can get back to ******* her!


Lantern Swinger
lsadirty said:
Blame the media for dragging out this story: yet another picture of Kate McCann leaving the house by car. FFS, they do it EVERYDAY! Another slow news day ? - lets have another photo of Mrs McCann - pisspoor journalism at all levels.

Hmmm, if you dance with the devil...


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Asst_Ed said:
lsadirty said:
Blame the media for dragging out this story: yet another picture of Kate McCann leaving the house by car. FFS, they do it EVERYDAY! Another slow news day ? - lets have another photo of Mrs McCann - pisspoor journalism at all levels.

Hmmm, if you dance with the devil...

...and you should know! :lol:

(Please don't tell me you're doing a middle-page spread in the Dockyard Dandy next month about "The McCanns: The Naval Connection"!) :? 8O :twisted:
You bunch of utterly heartless bastards, I hate you all for having the attitude that you do.

I thought people who frequent these websites would care, obviouslly I'm wrong, you sicken me.

Anyone else who feels the same as me please feel free to keep the search going by donating to:

[email protected]

Many thanks, believers.
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