Sick on Shore (in an all inclusive).

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by BillyNoMates, Jun 22, 2016.

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  1. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Get well soon Billy.

  2. One week Turkey All Inclusive from Heathrow this Thursday £280 (repeat) £280 per person.
    I am suddenly very ill in fact virtually at deaths door. And I will still have 264 hours of proper
    leave to waste.
    7 days self certificated don't even cover a decent stint in a caravan just outside Redruth.
  3. Will you be bringing lots of your new Turkish 'friends' back from holiday to stay in your shed Billy?
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  4. The ones he brought back last year haven't moved out yet.
  5. Single glazed. Hot/Cold running walls. Holes in roof for air conditioning.
    Master bedroom en-suite (large plastic bucket). Ideal first time rental.
    Sleeps 28. Nice carpet in the garden area for outside entertaining.
    This lovely property is fully insulated with a thick carpet of hairy
    black mould so heating costs are minimal.
    As seen on Google Earth (via Thermal Imaging).
    £100 per week, per person. No pets - rats are included.
    Apply B.N.M. c/o NavyNet.


    (Please note: The "outside toilet" is actually an ash tray for the use of heavy
    smokers from Albania, Romania and other countries where tabs are cheap.
    Only requires emptying every 12 months)
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