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So I've been sent home on sick leave due to having a possible nut allergy. (I was on FTAU, which was a good crew for my first ship!)

Does anyone have any experience with dreadnought? Are they faster than say a normal hospital for appointments?

Also it seems as if the RN is dictating the RFA medical. Is this right?

Cheers all.


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Is it actually the case that ultimately, the Commanding Officer sent you home on the professional advice of his MO who will almost always be an RN doctor? Your ENG1 does not know better.

You're a bit short in the tooth to be dripping about the RN pulling RFA strings.
Sea dog, I didn't come on here to get grief. Just advice.

Jerry81, I went there in November and didn't get a joiners medical till 3 weeks later because the doc was busy.

I may be new to the RFA but I've been commercial for years.
Dreadnought Squadron is RN, its where they hold those ratings who are not able to continue in the regular fleet due to illness or injury - its a rehabilitation environment.

The RFA are civilian and you will be dealt with by your local doc and the RFA occ-health team.

You wouldve been on the Austin with me as i came off there in December.

As previously advised the RN doc will have spoken to the Captain to try to resolve your situation, it is safer to send you home for further investigation. The Captain is responsible for all of the crew as laid down in articles and could be sued if a crewman becomes ill or is injured.
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