Feeling unwell, a man goes to his doctor. The doctor can find nothing wrong, but runs some tests, and asks the man to come back in a weeks time.
When he arrives the second time, he knows instantly from the doctor's manner that something is badly wrong.
"I'm sorry," begins the doctor. "The tests are back and it's not good news. I'm afraid you suffer from a very rare condition. In fact, it's so rare it's named after the last chap to have it and his bed number on the ward-"Green 27 Syndrome". There's no known cure, and it's always fatal. The best advice i can give you is to live each day as if it were your last."
The man goes home and tells his wife what the doctor has said. To cheer him up, she suggests a night at the bingo.
As soon as they start playing, it is clear the man is on a winning streak. He gets the first two lines, then four corners, then the full house, and later in the evening, a share in the national game.
When he goes up to collect his winnings, the caller says to him , "You're a lucky bastard, aren't you mate!"
"Not realy," says the man, "I've got Green 27," "**** me!" exclaims the caller, "You've got the meat raffle as well!"