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Sick idiot


Typical 'Troll' rantings. Just like all 'trolls' they never back up their words with evidence. What utter shit.
TommyEngland said:
Data, documents and records from German WWII Archives prove that the talking up of the Scottish was to try and undermine the unflappable will of the English Tommy.

Adolph knew that the only way he could compete with the English was if he could sow doubt amongst the English soldier that he was not the finest fighting man on the planet as he was then and is today.

A leading German military historian has now dismissed as yet another myth the idea that Scottish soldiers terrified the Kaiser's army and claims there is no evidence to show that the Scots were feared as much as the English or even Welsh troops.

The Scottish regiments attracted interest more for their wearing of the “skirt†than of their self proclaimed prowess in battle he added.

In the making of the British Empire the Scottish and Southern Irish regiments where well known for their inhumanity, cowardice and cruelty.

The English have been on a damage limitation and goodwill exercise since we dismantled the Empire after WWII as you can see in Iraq.

When you consider the context of his argument, where is this part of his post trollish?
I won't give the first sentence and last three sentences of his original post the time of day, as they ARE the parts of his post designed to create arguments in my opinion, but the parts that i've quoted above seem ok to me :)
Don't bite to them mate.

I've got one yank on another site saying "your queen sucks ***** and is a whore" but their opinions mean nothing to me because they're absolute vermin.

Always remember these people obviously have nothing better to do.
'German WWII archives...' He makes it sound as if they are all held in one location whereas different documents are all over the place. Does he mean, for example the IWM, the Werner Library, BBC archives, Foreign Office Library, the extremely interesting, German Foreign Ministry archives were captured by the Soviets, etc...

There are no data as such, only digitalised documents made accessible through online sources and the internet, or in the 80's microfiche (at 50p a frame, then!)


War Hero
I see that 'Tommy' gives no actual sources or other means of verifying his accusations, he doesn't even name his 'German military historian'.
Typical rot, from an ill informed [email protected] stirrer.
NZ_Bootneck said:
I see that 'Tommy' gives no actual sources or other means of verifying his accusations, he doesn't even name his 'German military historian'...


Goballs? :error: Houston Chamberlain? Herr Irving?
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