Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Old_Hand, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. Just been reading an article in the Daily Mail about a teenage tearaway from Germany being sent on an 'Intensive Educational Experience' to Siberia. No running water, heating , toilet, tv, telephone or internet. He has to cut his own wood, fetch his own water and build his own outdoor toilet. And it only costs the German government £113 a day. Sounds great to me so when can we start shipping our scumbags out there!.
  2. Erm, £113 per DAY seems very steep to me considering!
  3. It's a lot cheaper than sending them to a UK young offenders institution. Plus I bet a couple of months of it would sort out the scum faster than the institute.
  4. But look what they are paying for!

    He has to get his own EVERYTHING and his Government pay £113 PER DAY for the privilege!
  5. Searched for the item on Google, came up with:,,2242719,00.html

    Still think it would be a cheap way of sorting the scroats out :thumright:
  6. Sorry - pls ignore this
  7. Unfortunately it's coming up with article not foumd
  8. Surely its better than giving him everything and paying treble the £113 for the privelage.
  9. No, you're not getting my point.
    Have a nice afternoon.
  10. Is there a danger, though, that they will return as harder and more self confident thugs?

    On cost alone, I quite like the idea but how long before some fluffy complains that it's infringing their human rights and dignity.
  11. That's almost half the attendance and accomodation costs claimed by the average Peer per DAY. A bargain.
  12. Ouch, where have my legs gone!

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