Shropshire Live: "Sea Harrier To Join Ground Displays At RAF Cosford Air Show"

To be honest I find it all a bit sad and pointless. What's the use of having the shell of an aircraft that's no longer in service at an air show? I know I'm being a miserable git but if that's the sort of thing that counts as an air show nowadays then it's a very sad inditement of the state of HM forces and the quality of displays. Some of the best flying I ever did was as the SHAR display pilot and I'm just glad I was able to do it in the company of other aircraft that were actually flying......even if they were poxy Crabs :)
"The aircraft joins three other Harriers on display at this year’s Air Show, a GR3 and two GR9s.

The exhibit is part of a special display to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first flight of the Kestrel, the prototype for the Harrier.


Amanda Butcher, spokeswoman for the Cosford Air Show, said: “The addition of this Sea Harrier will enable us to represent the history of Harrier aircraft of the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy across the years.

"This will be a unique opportunity to witness the evolution of the Harrier family from the Kestrel right through to the Harrier GR9.”"

Sea Harrier to join RAF Cosford Air Show « Shropshire Star

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