Showers at Raleigh

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Thriller, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Right now this is going to sound really stupid but I'm going to give it a go anyway (might as well, I haven't got anything to lose). When you have a shower at Raleigh are the showers all seperate or are they communal aka you can see everyone? I ask because im gay and worry that if they are communal i will get to see loads of co.. well you can guess and worry that my thing may get a little bit excited :oops: :oops: :oops: and if they are communal and my thing does come up and say hello how much piss taking is likly to follow? :oops: :lol: :oops: but of course this is all based on if the guys in the shower are hot, and from what i have seen of the recruiting staff and sailor's at HMNB portsmouth, they are far from hot :twisted: :lol: :oops: This is one of those time i wish i was a girl for obvious reasons :lol: :oops:
  2. Are you real? FFS, i know that it`s out of place, but what a tosser.
  3. Obviously after a bite - journo from the Guardian perhaps?
  4. This is a piss take, lmao and not a good one.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I personally have always used my "shower time" to compair my willy with other mens, the people with smaller willys than me I immidiatley dismiss as unworthy.

    If you take advantage of the shaving mirrors at HMS raliegh you will be able to get side profiles of prospective targets willeys from there reflection whilst still being in the showers. I also found that for a realativley cheap price of about a tenner I could buy a waterproof camera from the local Boots store.......always useful for reminising whilst idling away a 6 months deployment to the falklands....

    I have some good piccys if you want to do swapsies........?
  6. I have done an extensive amount of research into this area myself, as i also find hygeine highly arousing.

    it is my understanding that while showering with other sailors, it is standard procedure to wink provacatively at anyone you happen to make eye contact with.

    droppingn the soap should not be an issue as you will be expected to...'provide'...your own.

    anyone who is seen not to have a raging throbber at the end of the shower is branded a 'big girls blouse' by the others and as punishment has to pleasure himself in the middle of the parade ground whilst singing the theme tune to 'Barney The Dinosaur'

    hope this makes you more comfortable.

  7. In the Royal Navy of today it is perfectly OK to show signs of attraction to the same sex, however opposite sex relationships are strictly verbotten.
    You could always take a travel shower curtain, I think Millets do a nice one in a variety of suitable designs ...dolphins for Submariners, Powerpuff Girls for Skimmers and Action Man for the Booties etc, check out their website ASAP.
    Yours in Pink
  8. 8O Nelsons boys ! The mind boggles ......... What happened to my beloved Navy ?:(
  9. Hornblower, may I call you Horatio? The Bulldog Breed is alive and well, just like your Seadad probably thought the Andrew had gone soft so we old stagers look at todays recruits and shake our heads..but they still do the job ..well apart from Mr Bean.
  10. 8) Well fuck me, sorry shouldn't go there, thanks for that, my sea dad will be turning in his grave I imagine, he was a right old salty sea dog with a huge manky beard full of rats and lice and stuff, I doubt somehow our friend would have been interested in him either ! Someone shut the door on the way out. Oh, and yes, do please call me Horatio if you like, beats being referred to as 'Oi fucky' or similar. Keep it moist:x
  11. Which part of the army do you serve in precious?
  12. What a load of rubbish, you are not fecking real.
  13. If I showed you my pay stick, maybe you'd "thrill" me!!

    hahahahahahahahahahaha :roll: :roll:
  14. what a lot of crapp, is this the level we have sunk to,
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Gash may now be ditched.
  16. Don't you just love trolls?

    If they really have nothing better to do than to come online just to piss people off, then you have to show sympathy for how pathetic their lives must be!

    Or in simpler terms;

    F**k off Topic Creator you fag tosser! :evil:
  17. Hey with a name like Thriller you should be going in there, waving it around shouting WOO HOO boys, look at me.

    Sure they will all make you welcome........

    What a stupid fecking question to ask
  18. Don't worry about the showers, treat your fellow recruits to a fine display of erect dick. I hope Raleigh still has its static tanks as you will then be initiated into an RN Tradition, thrown in the cold static tank and a pussers broom inserted into your anus. This will ensure that you sweep the path on the way to the reg office and your discharge.
  19. Is this for real? Hoo, made me laugh anyway.

    Lots of cock wouldn't turn me on. Surely you'd only get turned on if you fancied someone anyway?

    The thread seems slightly more feasible than that guy a few months back who asked if showers were communal because he didn't want any gays to fancy him.
    I wonder if he ever got to Raleigh...?

    Thriller, if you're serious, I wouldn't worry. If the other guys know you've got a stonk on then you know they've been looking at your unit. Naughty boys.
  20. They are communal showers at Raleigh, just make sure that you dont take your eyes off the floor, ceiling or wall then if you have a tendancy to ummmm to put it nicely....get excited!

    On ship though they are private cubicles!

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