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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jan 3, 2010.

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  1. Toys for boys, show us what rocks your boat :oops: :) :cry:


    Rumrat's passion
    Martini Henry Mk4 rifle bayonet the Mk1(1887)
    Martini Henry 1876 Pat as used during Zulu wars.
    3 Band Enfield bayonet 1853 Pat (Crimea wars and American Civil war)
  2. Nice, always wanted an American calvary sword or something similar.
  3. More Passion


    Lee Metford/ Long Enfield 1888 pat bayonet.
    1903 SMLE bayonet.
    1907 SMLE bayonet

    Oh orgasmic.
  4. And there's more


    1864 Enfield/Snider conversion 577 caliber
    1872 Martini Henry 577/45 caliber
  5. Bergen will be along in a jiffy with phots of his SMLE
  6. And you mean you haven't got a couple of these lying around


    1942 pattern "raw edge"
  7. So will I :D
  8. RR did one of your homies send you the 'brother' christmas card? :lol:
  9. I was here before him :D


  10. Mate your plates could do with a good manicure!!! :wink:
  11. Yo, it's a fact as my real bro was killed in Vietnam in 1971. :( :cry:
  12. Flemin el, sorry to hear that mate X

  13. No mate no time, guns before butter, or feet or boo X no fcuk that nearly said booze. Blasphemy :roll: :oops:
  14. And just for kicks


    Top row "Daddy" Rumrat's medals.

    I put the Pongo badges on to give JJ an orgasm for the New Year, as a treat. :D :wink:
  15. More of a dribble, but it did give a frisson of excitement on an otherwise dull evening. Thanks :D
  16. I was just testing my new found ability to post pics, kids taught me at Christmas. :D :oops: :oops:
  17. Gewehr41W. Not mine(as i haven't my camera nearby) but i have one that is similar. Only mine doesn't work anymore :evil:

    A rare piece of kit. Over-complicated to manufacture and maintain.Most went out to the Eastern Front,some made their way back into western Europe, but were not a favourite.


    Now this is a collectible helmet. Original Fallschirmjaeger helmet found in a barn near St.Marie du Mont, Normandy. Not the original paint unfortunately, but refurbished to its original standard as it had been overpainted in Tamiya model paint.


  18. You lot are just scary in a weird way........
  19. Nice one. As soon as someone shows me how to I'll post my collection of fantastic Nazi lamp shades. The leather work and tattoos are lovely

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