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Shouldn't we be seeing an uplift in RNR training?


RNR units prepare their bids for training days, T&S etc on the basis of the number of reservists on the books (plus any allowance for realistic recruitment uplifts) multiplied by an average day's pay.

With the increasing use of the RNR in mobilised and other operational billets (which effectively takes the individuals off the unit's books as far as having to pay for training, T&S etc) we should be seeing an increase in the number of training days for those who are still waiting their turn to go.

I am happy with my logic but I haven't seen any real evidence and I wonder why not.

Has anyone got any comment?


Lantern Swinger
Sounds about right to me Marvin.

I am still on my unit's books and, presumably, they are able to claim my annual training allowance (ORT plus SA etc) though at the very best I would only use up the ORT proportion of that allowance under the current requirement to release people on FTRS for RNR ORT.

In my case I am in an FTRS billet doing my specialisation job anyway so the idea of going off to train to do the job I am actually doing is a bit of a no brainer.

Presumably any money saved by my unit by not paying me to do ORT & SA (as well as CMR savings on Bounty and UUA for me) stay in the pot to be used for the benefit of the rest of the unit/RNR or are available as sacrifical pots as and when required.

By the way, notwithstanding the usual imbuggerance of training being cancelled etc how much training are individuals able to do nowadays - and (once the travel restrictions get lifted again) when can we see some more people out here for NAMESIS training?
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