Should we privateize the armed forces?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. I've just being playing army of two on xbox360 and it got me wondering. Rather than have an armed forces that's run by the state/monarchy, why not just have a a privateized military that's run by various firms and companies and when we go to war we just hire these companies to sort it out for us.

    This way a soldier could choose what company he'd work for and make his choices based upon what that company offers. I for, for example, would not work for a company that advocated the use of a piece of shit like the SA80 in a warzone and so could choose a firm that provided a decent weapon for it's staff/soldiers.

    I think with free enterpise in the forces and turning the military into a business our armed forces would be better funded, better equipped and our soldiers better paid as they wouldn't be relying on goverment money but rather large mercenary companies that compete for business with one another.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    But what would the categories we could make our choices be limited to? You may not like the SA80 but someone like me might weigh up the firepower on offer against say company discounts offered at laura Ashley or Primark.
  3. Would you care to take a guess as to how much the future carriers will cost, add in all the other ships, the RFA, etc etc?.Now add on the support side cost of things. Now do the same for the Army,RAF,all the reserves and so on.Then factor in a development programme for new equipment.
    Would you please tell us where on earth you are going to find a private company or companies to fund it??
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Sony have got a bob or two......... :)
  5. I was playing GOW2 last night I reckon we should have an army like the COGS myself. All you need a lancer and a shotgun and awayyyyyyy you go.

    Not one of your finest threads Nails.
  6. I for one would love to see Nails start the first privateized army. seeing as you know so much about video games Nails you should easily be able to setup, fund and run a privateized army.

    That is if you have time between your car pimping, skatboarding and cage fighting
  7. All well and good until you cry "mummy" and ask for the Geneva convention to be honoured...
  8. More interested in rates of pay and the overtime!!!!!!
  9. Can you imagine the scene in Guzz on a Monday worning, all the work up ships steaming down the Hamoaze with "THIS VESSEL SPONSORED BY MACDONALDS/TESCOS/KFC instead of pendant numbers ?
  10. Nah everyone knows the coolest forces are the Marines in Halo - and it should be too hard to create a few SPARTANS, no? A Platoon of supergeneticallyenhancedawesomekillerdeathsolders with uber armour and weapons would soon sort terry out! Plus if we had pelicans we wouldn't need to worry about future Lynx!!!

    That couldn't be too expensive, could it?
  11. Don't forget a few hornets as well
  12. I think thats the best plan ever. What could possibly go wrong?
    Now all we need are a few volenteers to undergo neverbeforetestedandjustthoughtuponawhimduetoavideogame treatment.
    So please form an orderly line if you wish to volenteer
  13. Perhaps Nails is right! Let's go even further and restrict ALL warfare to simulated mayhem created from your armchair. It would save a fortune in equipment, food, medical services, pensions, and body bags.
    The gubmint would have vast amounts of spare cash to dish out to impoverished bankers.
    A win-win situation all round.
    Let's start by offering free computer courses to the Taleban.

  14. What's a Pendant number? :lol:
  15. It would be better, perhaps, to privatise Parliament. We could contract hire bit part actors to speak the words of the appropriate top Neddy (sorry, senior civil servant).

    We had private Armies some time ago. It wasn’t overly successful so the Monarch started to run them directly. Why re-learn old lessons?
  16. I think it's Jannerspeak for Pennant Number.
    Of course, I have been known to be wrong.
  17. That'll be for the Chav Ultimate National Trained Soldier wearing their regimental bling.
  18. Theone - i'll sign up!!! What could possibly go wrong!! :p :D :thumbright:
  19. These businesses could be started up like any other. Start off small and become so big they eventually take over what the MOD has to offer.

    For example, you go to the bank and apply for a loan to start your mercenary business. You start off small, maybe buying a few men with AK's that do the odd job here and there so that you get the money to expand your company.

    On the other hand, existing companies like Tesco could expand their range of services to providing armed mercenaries for hire. Tesco, have already began to venture further out of the supermaket range and into things like electronics, car insurance, pet insurance, credit cards etc etc. So if they decided to have a department that provided men at arms wearing the Tesco brand on their uniforms it could be a great success. Not just Tesco either, other large companies like Microsoft could go down this avenue.
  20. Put together a business plan and take it along to your local Barclays, they have quite good business banking deals so they'd love to hear from you...

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