Should we have kids?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lingyai, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. As safe as it ever was

  2. With the correct weapons and training

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  3. Risk it for a buscuit

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  4. No way, stick to bum sex

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  1. US Military Hostility? Nah, surely not???

    I'll tell you what.....

    Korea wants nukes???
    GIVE EM" TO THEM!!!!!! :twisted:

    Is it a world worth bringing a child into? I am starting to think not, or was it just as bad when we were growing up being bombed by the mad micks?
  2. A question I would say many genuine people are asking themselves today although here in Oz at the moment anyone capable of giving birth is given about $4k for every one. If that's not encouraging a national rooting frenzy nothing will. But seriously in regard to having children in this social climate many people would say no because of a fear for the kids. When my children were young I remember my wife expressing concern because of the nuclear tests taking place and there's a lot more to fear these days. Luckily my children have all survived so far and have their own young uns but to witness the way things are going must put doubt in the minds of many young couples regarding the wisdom of having children. I suppose the development of the DINK element is a physical expression of the answer to the question, not Dink as in Australian of course but Double Income No Kids. Maybe materialistic reasons but they got no kids,
  3. Well I can remember people asking the same thing in the 50s, 60s, 70s, and perhaps later and it seems to have had litttle impact. On the other hand if you want a pension you have better make as many kids as you can, I've got three so that's my bit done.

  4. If you can afford to bring up kids without the welfare state having to pay for them do so.
    For as long as I can remember we have lived in the shadow of the bomb.
    I have more worries about muslims buying large quantities of fertiliser than a state like korea having the bomb
  5. God no, they are disgusting. They always have unidentifiable goo on their hands, they make too much noise, and interfere with whatever it is I am trying to do. Please no more kids.

    However, I am agreeable to them being shipped off to Outer Mongolia from the time they can move under their own steam until they are able to demonstrate being able to hold a sensible conversation say, on brain surgery.
  6. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Careful Rosina, the maternal instinct is showing through - from the terms used in your description though, these could apply to virtually any stoker of any age, PO or otherwise, e.g. noise, goo, and disgusting :)

    A mate of mine used to reckon that kids wwere acceptable from birth to three months (then the cuteness and novelty faded) and were then worth knowing again at 18 once they could buy hom a pint.
  7. Never mind about all that - we put up with Stokers and WAFUs.....

    The more kids we have the more chance we will produce someone who will invent something globally changing - fusion/cure for cancer/etc.
  8. I would suggest that if we could thrash the idea or religion out of our lives the pan lids might stand a better chance. Make them realists, I think this is gradualy happening amongst the intelligent races but needs to spread globaly.
  9. Grandkids are better, you can hand them back at any time.


    (proud grandfather)
  10. Under no circumstances should you even look at your child for the first two years.
  11. Some people should not be allowed to breed, you know who they are.

    Housebricks for the guys, and get the women down to the vets and have then spayed.

    As to the world being safer, all I can say it's OK if they keep all the bombs in their neck of the woods, and not mine.
  12. I reckon some of the local chavettes would be better keeping the bomb in the neck of their woombs
  13. Should we have kids ?? Yes I think so, but they should be 18years old at birth, then when we get erm home from the hospital we can tell erm, Fcuk off and get a flat. :lol:

    As maxi says, its worth all the shite you go through bringing up your kids to end up with grandkids. 8)
  14. Should use the "bunghole" (oooh er matron) theory of child rearing:
    Take a child at an early age, place it in a barrel & feed it through the bunghole.
    When it becomes a teenager, drive in the bung.
  15. Of course we should, who else are we going to become an embarassment and burden too?
  16. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Q: Why do children and their grand-parents get along so well?

    A: They have a common enemy :)
  17. Very pessimistic views being expressed here. If these kinds of attitudes existed when your (collectively) parents were young - you guys might not be around today to argue the toss about such important issues?

    Think of all the fun you would have missed. :roll:


  18. I couldnt have put it better.I have a theory about kids.The arent human,how can that amount of Poo come out of such a small creature,how can it stink so bad, when all they feed on is milk?The neonates Physiology isnt the same as a 5 year olds,so i reckon they are Aliens off another planet.
  19. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Until I became a parent I couldn't see the attraction of bringing a child into the world - having become a parent, I wouldn't change things one bit.
  20. I'm a parent too (God help them) but I'm not that daft as to say I wouldn't change anything about them. I mean, a remote control would be bloody useful at times. :roll:


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