should waiting times/application process be faster for those with better test results

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 2cool, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. what do you think? should waiting times be less / the application process quicker for those with better pre fitness and psychometric results?

    I think they do something similar in the army if i remember right, maybe not though
  2. No have some patience, although that is a bit hypocritical as I applied March 2003 and started basic Sept 2003 and that was only because I had to wait till 16 1/2 or I would have been in quicker. And for those who think I am walting first part of service number w147 and I was an OM(C)
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Would you be asking the question if you didn't do well yourself (you are guessing that you did)
  4. No mate unless you are from a different back ground and daddy is admiral of the fleet, you will have to wait like the rest.
  5. i got plenty of patience was just asking, ... and sumo i guess thats always gonna be the case for this argument. Those that do well would be all for this system, and those that couldn't be arsed getting fit will be against this.

    Personally what I would have found ideal would be for the Navy to give you a date for raleigh early on, be it you have to wait 6 months or 5 years and maybe if a place is suddenly available they could ask if people want to come forward earlier if needed. That way people can plan things better (although this probably would be too difficult to do which is why they dont!)
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  6. If you would like a planned life in the navy then join Submarines and Bombers, other than that you will be like all service men take what is given.
    I understand what you are saying cream of the gifted, and put the also ran’s to the back of the queue, unfortunately that would be discriminating and as the armed forces are government run, they cannot be seen to discriminate? Sucks maybe but the rules have to be set somewhere.
    But in the non-government controlled employment world it is different, where profit is the driver.
    University cream from grades, bums on seats means money, gifted stars = easy to teach
    Industry they interview 6 people the best gets the job?
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  7. And you think you should jump the queue because?

    1. Your special!

    2. Rules are for others!

    And your last comment; "if i remember right, maybe not though" So do you remember or is this another I heard Bert say to Fred who thinks he heard from Percy who thinks he heard it from George who I think joined the RAF who was pissed off because the Pongo's get in quicker.

    There is a reason; Pongo's don't tend to last long on account nasty folk shoot at them in hot places. You have that happen a few times and you can understand why they have a faster turn round of personnel. Not rocket science!

    Another unhelpful post from the "old guard", I thank you!!!!!:razz:
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  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    At present, only Officers have merit-based selection.

    The downer is that anyone scoring better than you on AIB gets selected ahead of you - if enough get selected during the 12 months validity of your "Pass", you don't get a job.

    The Recruiting Test scores would be a great idea...but most people that catch sight of their scores fail to realise it's marked out of 120, not 100 so what they may think is a "good score" is probably average. Thing is we need "average" scorers as well as top scorers - otherwise everyone would be in charge and we'd end-up with more Admirals than ships.

    Hang on a minute...
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  9. At what point did i say we should have this new system?

    and sumo i meant so you can plan life before hand - I was offered a job to work abroad in Germany for a year but couldn't take it because it was too risky that I might get a letter from the Navy... I am fully committed to the Navy but I'd like to be able to continue life as normal before hand incase i fail the 2nd medical or something after years loitering!
  10. In my humble experience most clever cnuts in life could tell you the cubic capacity of a jam jar but couldn't get the lid off. Stop being superior or most probably once you join you'll get yer arse kicked from breakfast to bedtime
  11. You think this doesn't happen outside the Armed Forces? Of course it does. We all have to make decisions in life - this is one such occasion. Many more to follow.
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  12. at what point did I ever say i was superior... didn't need my degree at oxford to see i didn't say that...

    jeez im getting a reputation as bad as Stalin on here!

    i like the jam jar analogy though ive never been able to put that into words!
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  13. Must admit I can't understand why OP is getting all this flack. He/she asked a reasonable question which seems to have provoked some vaguely 'clever' responses and of course at least one full of the usual totally ******* irrelevent jargon-filled bile.
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  14. Slightly, well quite a lot, off topic but brought to mind by Ninja's comment above about 'averages'.

    It always intrigued me in the days of Efficiency Assessments, which were meant to be based on performance in relation to ones peers, how rare it was to see an 'Exceptional' Able Rate, yet a Warrant Officer who was less than 'Superior' was equally rare. The whole concept was lost on report writers and, I would suggest, recipients.

    In those days it would appear that nearly all ABs were pretty shit at being ABs, whereas nearly all WOs were ******* ace at being WOs. Very odd.
  15. Still can't see the point of writing Warrant officers up!
  16. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    It's got to be tough on todays wannabe young thrusters, the waiting times are a joke. Those waiting times I might add aren't the forces idea but down to budget cuts/constraints/man power requirements etc imposed by politicians and unfortunately have to be managed by the guys in the AFCO's.

    I reckon if I was a potential young thruster again I'd seriously consider joining the legion, not that with hindsight I rate them, just as a potential young thruster I thought they sounded exotic, dangerous and accessible.
  17. Yeah, did a few years in the legion. I think the youngsters of today expect a bit more from a run ashore. Probably why lots of them are closing down.
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    At the moment "waiting times" are reducing significantly, but it's not due to efficiency, increased vacancies or an upturn in the economy - it's due to the simple fact that: Of those who have completed selection and were awaiting a start date, 40% turn-down the offer of service when it finally arrives. Why? Erm, because they waited so long to join that circumstances have changed - invariably they're pregnant, had kids, married, divorced, found a better paid civilian job, awaiting trial, in prison, emigrated and moved house twice. (...and that's just one bloke, too).

    Earlier last month I processed a potential Royal Machine (Recruiting Test, Medical, PJFT, Selection Interview) in one week. The very next week he was on PRMC. Had the balloon actually passed PRMC he could've theoretically got a cancellation place on RM Recruit Training this side of Chrimbo.

    What many may not realise is there is a actually a slight bias toward technical ratings (ET's) who score high marks in the recruiting test as those with lower pass marks have slightly fewer training places to fill - Reason? Since we uninvented Artificers (hawk, dockyard oyster, "mind your step, Jack") we need to get more 'high-achievers' through to PO/CPO faster to fill technical billets. That also accounts for the reduction of the upper age restriction (to age 30) on technicians as we want to get a couple of sea drafts out of them as a senior rate before the (shorter 18 year) contract expires. When we had a 22 year contract, it wasn't a problem.
  19. but even if you had the best of the best you would still have weaker candidates in that group?

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