Should there even be a Current Affairs Board?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by alacrity174, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. It seems that every time there is a story in the media with even the smallest tenuous link to the RN we are reminded that the press are watching our every word and that any comment on this forum will instantly be picked up upon and quoted as the Official Navy line.

    Personally I think this is way overstating the relevance, importance and readership of this whole site. If this were the case why isn’t the Sun printing articles about how sailors only want to see boobs and their constant preoccupation with anal sex (See Lil’s for explanation on that one).

    Is the same emphasis put on model train enthusiasts when there is a train crash? If they tried it would be laughable, so why does it seem that ex matelots seem to hold more sway after leaving the Navy than they ever had when in, plus there is no way anything on this board will sway a Court Martial or even Skippers Table.

    Can we please get a grip, get over this self importance and get back to being Jack me hearty.
  2. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Nothing you can be told will make you understand. Good CO's visit from CIVPOL? La la la not listening.

    Is there an 'argumentum ad' for this type of logic? No, not even when model trains crash. :roll:

    Complain: [email protected]
    Tell Good CO he needn't worry. You've thought it through. You demand new rules and new standards.

    Moving to the barge. It's been done in Site Issues.
  3. Seadog

    Again you over estimate this websites ability to infulence anything, if it did do you really think any of the blatently obvious stupid posts in Newbies would be allowed? Why is it only CA you think these super journo's read, a story could be made up and "Naval Sources" quoted about any number of topics.

    I used Model trains as an illustration of how illogical the thinking by Mods is, if there are rules about how the RN needs to be represented on this site then they MUST be applied evenly over the whole site, not just in the CA section.

    Also I find your superiority complex galling
  4. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Anything I say won't make a difference to your thinking. Ask the COs. It is their train set, their rules, established long before you rocked up. Some of us can see why, you and a minority of others can't. Same old JJ.
  5. There's the rub though isn't it, this is a two way street, you were and are adamant that the only opinion that counts is one that agrees with you, if there is another opinion then it is immediatly discounted.

    On the topic in question I have stated a personal opinion which is much less grevious than approximatley 80% of other posts on this website, somehow there is a feeling that any story that comes within touching distance of the Navy is out of bounds in CA, if this is true then you (Mods), need to shut down Every topic ASAP, not threaten to do it and take something away from what must be considered naughty children. Also this approach has to be applied evenly accross the whole website, so in effect doing away with Diamond Lils and Gash Barge and limiting topics of conversation to Alan Titchmarsh level.

    All I am asking for is consistancy in deed and action, which seems to be a little off kilter.
  6. I couldn't agree more. Some of the MODs on this site are pissed with power, and like many in minor positions of authority are fond of invoking the names of their superiors to try to intimidate people. Some of the comments on this website are so foul that only the debased would find amusement in them, but they are posted regularly without any interference from the little Pol Pots. God knows what an innocent passer-by on the web makes of the Royal Navy when they read such poisonous drivel.
  7. NZ

    On the contrary I want the whole playing field to be level. It cannot be pick and choose which of the rules to which board. If there is serious concern that the world media looks upon this site as a source for their pieces, does it not follow that they will use any of the forums (Lils and Gsh Barge included), for their "Naval Source". You cannot say rules apply to CA but not Newbies or Lils etc.
  8. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Posts about subjudice trials in any forum are subject to the same rules. It may be that such a thread in Lil's thread wanders far from the nuts and bolts of the case ' thread into Monty Python territory and is allowed. The new 'drug smuggling' was allowed in CA for a while but ended up being sectioned. If the court decides she's guilty, it may be reinstated.

    As for rules being equitable, if moderators lived on line, had a load of CO sanctioned edit/bin/allow alogorithms and had cross board permissions, the rules may appear to be more equitable than they currently appear to some. Read my lips. I don't moderate Lil's. How many times?

    As for power trip, please. I'd rather not have to delete anything. And invoking the COs' names, well when I run out of (further) explanations and sanctions what should I do?
  9. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Since this is in the gash, I'll translate for the mongs.

    Watch what you say about any ongoing legal cases, esp cases involving members of the armed forces. The owners of the site have a set of rules and they expect them to be inforced by the MOD's. The MOD's are saying if you have a problem with the rules contact the owners.

    As for "I don't like what is posted in other forums", fcuk off, log off and take up knitting you cnuts.
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Could you lend me some of your patterns?
  11. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    No problem easy, most of them are single and two fingers gaps between crossovers. :wink:
  12. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Are you the one I've heard of that knits all of his own swimming cossies?
  13. Perhaps a general rule of thumb could be:

    If the newspapers reporting the incident are allowing comments then it should be allowable on RR.
    In this case none of the newspapers are allowing comments.
  14. So alacrity174's “model train enthusiasts†analogy was relevant then?
  15. [quote="wardmaster]Some of the comments on this website are so foul that only the debased would find amusement in them[/quote]

    Yet any time those comments are challenged there is a lot of vocal support for leaving them, on the basis that it's only banter or it's only what you'd expect in a messdeck. Those who don't find it acceptable are notable by their absence in those discussions which turn into a weekly rant by a consistent small sub-set about opressive moderation.

    Essentially, if you don't like it then step up to the mark each time, either send a request to an appropriate moderator to have it removed, or come out publically to challenge it.

    I would agree, and I would also say that despite the incessant protestations of a small subset much of it is not representative. In practice the majority of banter doesn't revert to the lowest common denominator and reflects a wit and humour that isn't conveyed on here.

    I would add that many threads that could legitimately be posted in CA are posted, quite purposfully in the Gash Barge or DLs, as a mechanism for getting round a percieved moderation stance. This has the effect of reducing any credible discussion, as the cruft would be removed. A classic vicious/ virtuous circle situation.

    Frankly it's up to contributors to respect the Acceptable Use Policy that they signed up to when they established an account, and use the forum categories reasonably. Put a grown up discussion in DLs and the participation will reflect that, put some of the childish crap in CA and it will have more rigour applied to it. Neither is a good way to cultivate the use of the forums. In practice most moderation is moving threads to an appropriate home, although even when that involves placing it in CA it engenders whining from the usual suspects. That said, the usual suspects are a small, but vocal, minority.

    This kind of thing is quite common in so-called virtual communities, there is a clear lifecycle, largely driven by the effort people are prepared to put in, being prepared to challenge those who drag it down.

    Now I'm also aware that this is going to generate several responses from the usual directions blaming it all on moderation, most of which will just be mud-slinging with no evidence, but when has letting the truth get in the way of a good mank ever intruded on the average matelot.
  16. NZ Wrote Quote " Posts from this site and ARRSE have been used in the media as Military/Naval/Bootneck sources."

    I bet you could not substantiate that remark.
    I bet you could not say when and by whom.
    References and Facts please or you get a D-
    If you can produce evidence I will make a donation to a charity of your chose.

    Publications Author and dates, full Harvard ref and verifiable , its cyber space and no one gives it Credence.

    Military Sources my arse.The whole world knows that the only truth printed in any newspaper, is the Date and the Price.

    Just get over your self importance as gate keeper of the free world.#

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  17. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Or just go tot the TimesOnline site and do a search for Arrse - the number of references is surprising.
  18. Call me slow (I’m sure you will!) but I’ve just noticed that the CA Thread on the MANCHESTER drug dibbler has disappeared. Not wishing to be difficult but I don’t see what anyone on here could write that could compromise due process of law or Naval discipline. Was it that we were commenting as if she was already off to a long stay in the slammer?
  19. It has, yes. It's already been highlighted that the site policy is that we do not discuss ongoing legal cases. I made the mistake of allowing some latitude on that, that trust was misplaced with respect to a small minority.
  20. ...and the Daily Telegraph (link):

    As well as several other TV, radio and newspaper websites. Substantial contribution to H4H, please.

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