Should There Be a RR Greatest Hits Forum?

Should There be a Greatest Hits Forum?

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I just go to 'My Posts'....................... :D :oops:

For newbies like myself it would have made it easier to catch up on some of the more colourful posts on here. Once established it's easier to keep track, but a 'Now that's what I call the Naafi' section would be a good laugh.

Suck it through my arse, you girl.


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Hmmm. Lots of views, but only two votes. If people are wondering where i am coming from, they should have a shufti on ARRSE. I think it would improve the site. How fecking hard is it to vote? Rum swilling, hot bunking perverts.
Voted yes, because there are some brilliant threads that I could happily read over and over again and think "I wish I'd though of that" . .


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Cheers Daffy. The more votes there are, the more chance that the powers that be will take notice. I'm just surprised that there isn't a greatest threads forum already.
I voted yes.

James Bonds Dad was a labour of love, way too much spare time and
f***ing gallons of cheap coffee. Cheers Stirling_Stirling for the nomination.

B.N.M. (ex B.B.D.)

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