Should the use of drugs be used in a warzone?

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Shotgun_Assassin, Apr 9, 2009.

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  1. Should the use of drugs be used in a warzone to increase combat effectiveness?

    Things like diazepam could be used by snipers to steady their aim and nerves when taking a shot. In the first Metal Gear Solid game, Solid Snake takes diazees to defeat Sniper Wolf at her own game. It makes a lot of difference to how steady your aim is, and I was able to defeat Sniper Wolf much more easily than if I hadn't taken the dizees.

    Also, things like amphetamines could be used (in moderation), when a soldier is on stag duty. Nothing is worse than fighting fatigue aswell as the enemy. And a bit of speed keeps you up and alert for hours.

    Now for moral, maybe a very small dosage of MDMA in the water supply could help keep the men in high spirits. However, I have some problem with this as it has a tendancy to make you severely dehydrated and loved up. Obviously you want to be aggressive at war and not loved up. This could be combatted by mixing the MDMA 50/50 with cocaine aswell as increasing a soldiers water intake ... but I don't see that being allowed any time soon.

    That said it's interesting to thing what benefits this could have if monitored and controlled
  2. WTF? A theatre of war is NOT a fukcing computer game, who the fukc are you? Hope that you have no ambition to join the Armed Forces.
  3. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

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  4. Computer games are just games I admit, but they mimick real life, just loike movies. I'm going to join either the paras or the marines. I haven't decided yet. I just want to know which is best and join them. Myu dream is to join the SAS at the earliest opportunity. It's a long way off but that's my ambition and i'll achieve it i'm sure.
  5. In order to maintain your average 25 hours a day
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  6. My thought too
  7. That video is hilarious. Who's idea was it to give them LSD though? How is a hallucinegenic drug ever going to benefit them. If you got them coked up that would help tho, or gave them a load of meth or speed. But LSD isn't compatable with war.
  8. Well I can imagine it was a test if real just to see how it affects the minds of soldiers, and then policies became zero tolerent on the use of drugs for the reason it makes them worse off.
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  10. Who is nalis?

    I know it's a study but it doesn't probve that all drugs are inefective and makes soldiers worse. Only that LSD does. If they gave them soldiers speed they would have done their jobs better if anything.
  11. yea and when they get PTSD it will amplify it by 10X..
  12. NO WAY FOUND SHOULD DRUGS EVER BE USED .Except in medicune
  13. Spanner, ill give you two choices

    "Should the use of drugs be allowed in a warzone..."


    "Should drugs be used in a warzone..."
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  15. Strike the Mk2 aspect :(
  16. Jeez, another slow day at the Intellectually Handicapped Day Centre, eh?

    Keep on playing your computer games, that's about as close as you'll get to being in the Military.

    You, Mattb and Nails should get a Facebook page going. "Wannabe Losers who think they're amusing' sounds like a good name for it, you'll get heaps of friends in no time what with all the walts, Medical failure emo girls, and Fantasy Island candidates like yourself out there.
  17. Dont bother if you think puter games nimick real life .If you think that you are a bigger PRAT than i first thought were :D
  18. Hmmm, shotgun-nails me old fruit, haven't you heard of AWE/ARE Porton down??? Volunteer for a few weeks there, you'll get all the E's and wobbly eggs you can handle, but they do stuff like drop you in an ice bath and have you play connect four while they deafen you with Speed metal and Terry Wogan. Good luck getting a hurt certificate though.....

    Who the f*** do you think they tested LSD, MDMA, Ibuprofen etc on before they release it to Joe Public? Anyone remember NAPS? Nerve agent pre treatment tabs that were basically small amounts of Nerve agent. Not so good for myelin sheath depletion (coats your nerve fibers), hence all the vets with non existent gulf war syndrome, which definetely doesnt exist, the govt says so, even if the septics have fessed up to it. Not to mention BATS (bio agent pre-treatment). They were fresh off the production line when they shipped 'em, all they could tell us was "we gave em to a sheep last week and it didn't die...yet". Its that or take your chances with Saddam and whatever he can gas you with. The kicker was having to sign the indemnity form to say you took 'em but if they kill you its not HMGs problem.

    As for diazepam, the combopen autoject you get three of with your AGR (respirator) used to have a little caplet container on the end which was a diazepam pill which you were supposed to take orally while convulsing like a busload of Deacons, but they later incorporated it into the main dose as druggies would nick 'em for this alone. The main dose is basically a mega load of temazepam/diaz with some other stuff to keep your heart going (epinephrine/noradrenalin) and trips you out to combat the effects of nerve agent so its the uber downer, they only give you three as any more would be lethal, esp if you take em "for a laugh". Of course these days people who suffer from anaphylaxis from bee/wasp sting or peanut allergy can buy a version of them for emergency use so if you fancy a crack they aren't hard to find. Sounds like your kind of thing shotnails.

    Myself, for a hard night killing zombies on the internets, I Gin myself until I dont care what the hairless wonders playing against me are typing as they top me, I just wait for the one chance to knife 'em in the face then teabag them....<slap slap slap>

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