Should the Police Force be allowed to strike?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by fly_past, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. Our paid for police (bless em all) should in my opinion be alowed to go on strike after the Gov minister renaged on the deal that had been negotiated and then not paid :threaten:
    Our Police do a gooid job in reality - difficult and thankless most of the time- dealing with all the scroats that they do see daily.

    Pay em, pay em what they were promised, and pay it now too
  2. Although they may be right to be pissed off, who would police the land whilst they strike?

    Would it lead to riots? Would there be a bigger insurgence of crime?

    There are reasons why they can't strike. The armed forces can't strike neither. If the plods are allowed would it lead to the mob being allowed as well?
  3. If a person wishes to withdraw their labour, in the end you can't really stop them, no matter what laws you have in place.

    However, I don't think you will ever see a British Police Force go on strike and in any case, there are many other forms of industrial action besides going on strike.

    Working to Rule is one that comes to mind. ^~
  4. The Home Office, or whatever it's called this week, clearly pulled a fast one and the Police are quite right to be p**sed off about it. As tommo points out, though, striking is not an option. It would be an interesting scenario with the standard military aid to the civil authority (or would it genuinely be to the civil power in this case?) with sundry crushers, cherry tops and snowdrops guarding the streets. I'm forgetting overstretch of course,
  5. As with the armed forces I believe that the police should not have the right to strike.
    This being the case then the government no matter what policies they have in force should pay the ammount decided by the relevent board.
    Anyone know the percentage increase that MPs and ministers awarded themselves?
  6. The Crushers of course!
  7. How come the Jockanesse can pay the increase on time.

    The scots seem to run things OK in Scotland but when they try to run things down here they bugger things up big style :dwarf:
    Equality for all. Come the revolution citizen!!!!!! :dwarf:
  8. NO!

    They signed on if they don't like it they can leave, and become store detectives.
  9. Hmmmm. I recall hearing on the news that it would cost £30 million to pay the police what they were promised but the country can't afford it. Ok, Fine. Then how come on Wednesday in parliament did Gordo the Broon manage to find £450 million to give to Afghanistan to rebuild the country which will only end up being a total waste of money as they are quite happy to still be living in the stone age.

    Also this week it was revealed that the UK will be providing £2 billion over 3 years to the world bank to fight against poverty.

    Funny how they can afford all that wedge when they can't afford to pay ENGLISH & WELSH coppers what they promised, instead giving them a below inflation pay rise which is in fact a pay cut. This is not a gripe against Scottish police officers, but just pointing out another example where there is pro-Scottish bias by Scottish MPs in Westminster.

    I don't think the police should strike, but I would like to see a thorough investigation into the crimes (as already admitted by Brown as unlawful acts) of illegal donations to the Labour party. I would also like to see the case against Blair over the cash for honours scandal re-opened as I'm sure there must have been a cover up and strings pulled at a very high level. In fact, I would like to see the police keep a very close eye on the way the Labour party are handling their affairs as I'm convinced there must be other illegal activities going on that we've not heard about. Can you just imagine the satisfaction you'd get for arresting the bastards that have been shitting on you?
  10. IMHO, the initial answer would be NO - HOWEVER - the way this Government has consistently crapped on the people it needs to keep the Queen's Peace and good order ( the Fire Service, the Military and now the police), then I get seriously tempted to say "OK boys, walk out - who will do the job if you sack all the Old Bill for breaching their contract?" With the military involved in wars abroad, who have you got left ? Not a lot of spare Servicemen as an aid to civil power, especially if the Fire Service decide to come out at the same time - what do you do, fight fires or keep the peace ? A total breakdown of Law and Order would ensue, with vigilantes running the cities, and chaos that would totally screw the country up big time. Would we get help from Europe ? I think not.
    As for Jimmy Green's list of good causes list abroad, the non-payment of the initial police award would save £30 million - and the Govt is willing to give £2.45 BILLION, which would bring NO RETURN to the UK - Feck me, who's the genius that holds the purse strings, some one from the Muppet Show ?
    At times like this, I often think I should've ignored her indoors' pleas, and joined the RCN like I wanted when my 9 came up.
  11. Contributor MOde

    I do not think the Police should strike or have that right but a work to rule combined with blue flu would really bring on the pain. The problem is do the current crop of Police Officers know the rules and do they know that all ranks hold the Office of Constable so if a Senior Officer orders you to carry out an act that requires that office you can either tell him to do it himself as he is also the holder of the same office or say in my opinion I have insufficient evidence or suspicion so I cannot exercise my Powers of a Constable, which is a much better option.

    As always, working to rule will not help your future career and you will get shit postings.

  12. As I understand it, the Jocks didn't recruit as many McScuffs as they were committed too. That has left a cash surplus they can use for an honourable pay agreement.

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