Should the navy bring back hammocks?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Always_a_Civvy, Oct 9, 2006.

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  1. There have been a lot of favourable comments on RR about the delights of hammocks versus sleeping in bunks. I though it might be interesting to see how many would like to see hammocks restored onboard?

  2. What sort of a sick pervert have you turned into?

    What, you want to go back to things like cork insulation and smoked bacon? Grow up shippers, or get some experience. :eek: :eek: :eek:
  3. Go back to smoked bacon? I love the stuff! :D
  4. Stick to bunks , :roll:
  5. NO, you keep the shit, it was fcuking horrible crap.
    Hey man, listen to this. I remember coming off the morning watch during a gale. I rolled into the Junior Rates and picked up my platter, slurged some meat and grease out of the bacon tray, slopped some beans in place and grabbed a dry slice.

    I sat at the only table that was occupied by about four other blokes (out of the entire ships company) and trapped the smallest piece of bacon I could find onto my thumb with my fore finger. Sneezing rather loudly, I displaced said piece of bacon onto the platter of the nearest hardy matelot and cleared the dining hall. I thought it was funny as **** at the time, but on reflection, well man. I learn't a very serious lesson. And serious lessons are made up of lumps and bruises. :cry:

  6. must have been a big ship sailor----------------

    only bad thing about a 'mick was going on draft with it -which wasn't funny.

    Then they issued them onboard with a choice of hammock or camp bed.

    In roughers in me mick wiv a bag meal --luxury . :lol: :lol:

  7. Chichester [hammock]
    Ark Royal , Crofton , Danae , Argonaut , Hecla , [bunks]
  8. Sort of says a lot really, don't it? :(
  9. Dunno about hammocks, but try getting matelots to design ships, that would help.......... a lot !!!!
  10. So we would have a massage Parlour, a Bar with 24 hour opening with huge screen TV,Swimming pool,Billiards room(complete with velcro balls for roughers)Single cabins,jacuzzi and a Sauna.Where would the rest of the stuff go?On a raft towed astern? :lol: :lol:
  11. might even get the crabs on board then :lol: 8)
  12. What, you don't have this already? 8O
  13. Now rhat sounds more like it me i will vote for it.
  14. Would these single cabins have fold down beds so that you could convert a single bunk into a double?
  15. Why would you want that?
  16. I dread to think hig , I dread to think , :oops: :oops:
  17. You may well ask, as killick of the mess living RA in Guzz, I came onboard to be directed by the QM that I might want to get down the mess before call the hands, and sure enough there was a turtle in bed with an AB in the bottom pit, had to kick her ass out of there before she got pinged by anyone else.
    With all the B&B's in Guzz I would have thought it preferable to trying to doing it in a mess with 9 other witnesses. Or maybe that was the thrill?
  18. The old hammock had a certain feeling about it and in roughers it seemed a lot more secure than a bunk, more "navy" too. Question, is the RN hammock gone completely to the big scran-bag in the sky or is the odd one still around. Common sense says bunk but the old "mick" was the traditional sailors' bed although a problem trying to sling when full of the local brew. Even when slung, to hop in and straight out the other side was painful,
  19. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    so you've seen the plans for the T45 then... I thought they were secret...
  20. Always, I think dabs put it best when he said "What sort of a sick pervert have you turned into?"

    When I mentioned in an earlier post about how, every so often, you come up with something that is pure genius ... well the rest of the time you're on a completely different planet. Hammocks! - have you gone stark raving mad? Next thing you'll be asking for the return of sails, 18 month deployments and the lash!

    Not getting my vote this time mate.


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