Should the Country Half Mast Colours on Thurday

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Aug 1, 2009.

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  1. Should the country half mast colours on Thursday to mark the passing of a generation? It is unprecedented but should the precedent be set?
  2. generation of who??

    If you mean years, what a stupid question.
  3. No

    I think we should respect Harry's wishes : no fuss
  4. Sorry, badly phrased question and not previewed, missed the 's' from Thursday.
    I was refering to marking the end of the last British resident serviceman who saw action during WW1. If not half masting colours for his funeral it might be more appropriate to mark the passing of that generation by half masting colours during the National Day of Rememberence.
  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Personally I think he should have a state funeral, gun carriage and the whole 9 yards. However he wishes for no fuss.
  6. In that case then I am with the others, yes it should be marked in some way. As blobby says, he didn't want any fuss and wants to be with his family, can't blame him for that.
  7. Rather than the expence of a state funeral
    It would have been better if the County had paid him a half decent pension to live on

    Oh you are eighty now here is an extra 25ppw, and as you can not really see very well You can have free BBC TV

    Oh you left HM services before 1975 no service pensh for you then

    Jack McH
  8. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator


    Do you know summat about pensions we don't?

    Or are you shiters again?

  9. trelawney126,

    Admire your sentiments, but NO.

    Instead: Apply every effort to ensure that those lost/damaged receive a far better deal than the current arrangements provide for.

  10. As the man said; no fuss. Accordingly, no flag dips.
  11. I am worried our future generation of children will not learn about these gentlemen and the those that fought alongside them.

    Speaking to a few teenagers I know( Kids of a friend of mine), they hardly learnt anything about ww1 ww2 and didn't know much about them.

    I fear now the passing of the last it will get worse.
  12. This is a nice touch... 8)

    Always liked Radiohead...all proceeds to the Royal British Legion...

  13. Quite an easy one this, Harry Patch requested no fuss,all he wanted was for his fallen comrades to be remembered, we can remember them by having flags at half mast,
  14. NorwayChris . You're not Peter Mandelson's tactical advisor, are you?
  15. No No NO i arnt anybodys advisor,just giving my opinion about this half flag discussion,i think to have flags at half mast ( as a one off ) would show that we are thinking about Harry and his oppos,
  16. It is a nice thought but it would be wasted on the vast majority of the population who would probably think another Football Manager had died.
  17. I think that there is more interest in the Great War these days than there has been for a long time. My grandfather died on the Somme battlefield in 1916. His widow re-married and grandad was airbrushed out of the family memory. I found out his Regiment and Battalion and where he was in action, where he received his fatal wound and where he is buried. I then visited his grave and was probably the first member of the family to do so. As for dear old Harry Patch, let the man rest in peace; his passing should not be allowed to be used to shore up a dead government with false patriotism.
  18. Right, suggest Dress ship and splicers w hen this shower gets kicked out

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